Hidden Treasure

In reviewing images for a project, (details to come shortly) I stumbled upon this image from Death Valley shot back in 2008. Interesting how our feelings about an image can change over time. I must have liked this image back in 2008 because I worked on the RAW file. The other day when I saw it, I had a very strong reaction, this time loving it. Why? I think its partly because I’ve trained my eye over the last four years to see the way a wide angle lens does. It creates drama, especially in the sky. Its also because I’ve now looked at thousands of images on the internet and have come to love the dramatic light many use so well. This image has a hint of that with the last rays of gold light kissing the tops of the hills. Without that dramatic light the image falls flat. So looking at and studying images on the internet has again, educated my vision. So, now when I go back and look at old images, I see them differently. Another reason for not throwing away files. Have a great week!


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