More Texture Fun

I read on a recent Facebook post someone was making progress editing their files from a recent trip and had deleted 80% of them!!  I was shocked and wrote a note saying that was crazy.  Here is a good example of why that might be crazy.  This is a version of an image I’ve posted before.  It was arguably a “throw away” from the series.  The sky was bald blue and uninteresting.  I much preferred the tighter more detailed shot that focused on the boat making it more prominent in the scene.  Recently I’ve been having fun with textures and decided to work with this file.  I used three FlyPaper textures masking the last one so it only affected the sky.   Sure am glad I did not delete the file.

Remember is you’re interested in texture work, I have a video podcast on my podcast page that might be helpful.  Discounts are available on my discount page for both Totally Rad Dirty Pictures and FlyPaper textures.


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