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Minard Castle

Or what is left of Minard Castle.  Its funny, when I first arrived at this location, I was uninspired.  Once again, I was letting my preconceived ideas influence my ability to see.  Then I saw Peter Cox setting up a shot with his Phase One machine which he only takes out for shots he deems worthy.  At that point I asked myself, what am I missing?  I got my camera and set up this shot, quickly realizing the conditions were perfect for it.  Letting go of expectations is a hard thing to do, however, when we do inspiration will come in almost any location we photograph.

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The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges was the one location that Dan and I wanted to get to during our time between the two tours.  After a long 6 hour drive to Northern Ireland,  all I can say is, it was one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen through the viewfinder of a camera.  I’ve included a B&W conversion below.



Following the Coastline

Today, Dan and I followed the coastline looking for things to shoot in areas he had not explored.  We stumbled upon a place called The Beach House for lunch and then wandered down to a pier and found this scene.  Not much processing needed for this one.  Loved the pattern in the rock, echoed by a similar one in the water.


The place I have wanted to shoot for years…

Of all the places I have wanted to photograph in Ireland, it was this abandoned home in County Kerry that I looked forward to most of all.  My tour partner Dan Sniffin showed me his picture of this location years ago  and it took my breath away.  His picture, taken in 1994 was chosen as one of two images that were used in the 1997 National Geographic Traveler calendar.

When we arrived, the conditions could not have been better.  The approaching storm and fast moving clouds made for ever changing light and shadow play on the house and land I think I made over 100 images from this location as the dramatic light kept changing so rapidly.  It was a moment I’ll never forget. I’m  grateful to have shared it with the group and most importantly, with Dan.

This is one take of a few that I’ll share in the weeks to come.


Final Shoot for tour one


We are wrapping up our first tour this morning.  It has truly been a trip of a lifetime with great people and great photo opportunities.  Ireland is indeed beautiful. Today’s blog image is from our stop last night in Gougane Barra.  It is a small church that sits on the edge of a beautiful lake.  The light could not have been nicer.  For processing, I decided to use Nik’s Glamour Glow filter and then add Alien Skin Snap Art impasto for a painterly look.


Midgery and Lady’s View

The Midge is a tiny ANNOYING insect that swarms around you in wet areas especially when there is no wind.  Yesterday morning we got up early and were treated to this amazing scene, however, we were all literally running from the stinkin’ Midges.  A few of us almost gave up and were on our way to the bus when someone screamed, RAINBOW!  If you look very closely you’ll even see a pot of gold and a leprechaun.

I’m including another  Puffin below too.  Can’t stop looking at those images.


Puffins on Skellig Michael


Today we toughed it out and took a 45 minute boat ride in the rain with 8 foot swells to Skellig Michel to see the Puffins.  For centuries the Monks inhabited this barren and rugged island which is essentially a rock!  There are 600 steps that take you to the top, however, conditions today were not conducive to the climb as it is already unsafe.  However, the conditions could not have been better for photographing the Puffins.  Soft light with a soft rain.  The blog image is one of a few that I am very happy with.  They are indeed the most adorable bird I’ve ever seen.  A real treat and worth the rugged trip on the Atlantic.


Sunrise at Connor Pass

After a late night sunset shoot where sunset was at 10:00pm, a few brave souls decided to take a run at a sunrise at 5:10am the next morning.  Those who went were treated to an amazing sight.  The low hanging clouds rolled in an the sun let them up.  It was a fast moving and ever changing situation that required your head to be on a swivel.  It was a grand morning!


At the top of Clogherhead

A little further up the hill from yesterday’s post and looking the opposite direction, we found this scene.  We used the foreground rock as a solid anchor but were careful to avoid mergers with the land masses out in the ocean.  Love the little flowers in the foreground rocks.  Don’t forget you can click on the image to make it bigger.


Majestic Ireland

We started the tour in Dingle on Sunday.  This image was made on Monday in a wonderful location just 20 minutes from our hotel.  The “Barclay” clouds appeared on cue and everyone had a blast.  Of course, all are exhausted with little time for processing due to the long days.  Sunset was at 10:10PM and then we did sunrise at 5:12 the next morning.