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Dingle Scene

I meandered into a back alley past the haunting notes of the Uileann pipes being played in the local music store in the charming town of Dingle and stumbled upon this scene.  Taken with my trusty Fuji X1oo.

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Lake Reflections


Back to Killarney for another from this magnificent evening.   I incorporated a bit of the foreground in an effort to give a sense of scale.  What really attracted me to want to photograph this scene, was the magical gold light caressing the trees on the opposite side of the lake.  Yummy!




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Singh-Ray blog post and Nikon D3 for sale


I have a guest blog post up on the Singh-Ray blog.  Take a look here.  

A friend is selling her Nikon D3 for $2,100.  It has less than 8,000 actuations of the shutter.  RSS “L” bracket included.  Original box, manual strap etc…  This camera looks brand new.  It was been very gently used.  A great camera for the money.  Let me know of your interest and I’ll put you in touch.

She also has a Nikon 80-300 4.5G for $250.00  A RRS Macro Rail and a RRS Crescent No 85 Flash Holder.

Images today is Abigail, my precious granddaughter!!  My wife took the pictures and I processed these.  Proud grandpa moment, sorry!


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Upcoming Webinars and the great Nature Visions Expo


I’ll be busy in the next few months with workshops, tours, webinars and a the Nature Visions Expo.  You should know about the tours and workshops by now, if not,click on the respective pages at the top of the page.

On September 11th, I’ll be doing another webinar for Topaz Labs Software.  The webinar is not listed quite yet so make a note on your calendar.  I’ll post a link as soon as it goes up.

On September 28th, I’ll also be doing a webinar for Nik Software.  Laurie at Nik will be posting the September webinar schedule shortly.

November 10 and 11 is the Nature Visions Expo. I am honored to be speaking again this year.  I’ll be speaking on Saturday the 10th and  launching a brand new program called  Discovery & The Creative Choice.  I’ll also be doing a 2 hour presentation on the use of Topaz software in my workflow. Click on the logo for more information or to sign up for their mailing list.  This is a “not to be missed” event with terrific speakers and a number of vendors showing their products between lectures.

Nature Vision

The blog image is from, you guessed it, Ireland.  This scene was in Northern Ireland but I can’t remember where!

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The Irish Landscape

I think this image does a good job of giving you the idea of what the Irish landscape looks like.  Loved the breaks of sun mixed with the shadow on this simple scene. Don’t forget, if you click the image it will display bigger.

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Turn Around

This image was made as we were happily shooting the wonderful sunset at the Lake Hotel.   The clouds were amazing and the reflections stunning.  It was hard to take your eyes off of the constantly changing scene.  That said, I’ve taught myself to always turn around and look at what is happening behind me.  Too many times I’ve missed the best light because I was so mesmerized by what I was shooting.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe we should WORK the scene we are drawn too.  I’m just saying take a minute to turn around and see what is happening there too.  When I turned around the light on this lovely tree was, well, yummy.  I had the wrong lens on and the light was changing quickly so I just shot it wide knowing I could crop the 24 megapixel just fine later.  Two things caught my eye, the light and the beautiful graphic nature of the tree.  Ultimately I’ve chosen the B&W version as I felt it focused the eye on the graphic design.  A color version is included below with a slightly different crop as well.

Moral of the story, turn around, especially for sunrise and sunset shoots.

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Happy Find

On one of the last days of the 2nd tour, we had a bit of time to fill before we went to dinner.  We decided to head over to a bay to see what we might find.  Well, we found happiness!  An old deteriorating boat in beautiful grasses.  WOW!

I’m adding a 2nd version below.  For this one, I used a preset in the Totally Rad, RADLAB plug-in. The preset added a really nice GLOW and a bit more contrast.  No, this is not the same as Totally Rad Dirty Pictures that I use for texture work.  This is another product they make called RADLAB.  What makes this product unique is that you are essentially getting preset actions with the ability to adjust them to taste.  Worth a look and you can try it for 30 days of course.  Really good for “people” photography.  Yes there is a discount, so head to my discounts page if you choose to purchase.

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