Upcoming Webinars and the great Nature Visions Expo


I’ll be busy in the next few months with workshops, tours, webinars and a the Nature Visions Expo.  You should know about the tours and workshops by now, if not,click on the respective pages at the top of the page.

On September 11th, I’ll be doing another webinar for Topaz Labs Software.  The webinar is not listed quite yet so make a note on your calendar.  I’ll post a link as soon as it goes up.

On September 28th, I’ll also be doing a webinar for Nik Software.  Laurie at Nik will be posting the September webinar schedule shortly.

November 10 and 11 is the Nature Visions Expo. I am honored to be speaking again this year.  I’ll be speaking on Saturday the 10th and  launching a brand new program called  Discovery & The Creative Choice.  I’ll also be doing a 2 hour presentation on the use of Topaz software in my workflow. Click on the logo for more information or to sign up for their mailing list.  This is a “not to be missed” event with terrific speakers and a number of vendors showing their products between lectures.

Nature Vision

The blog image is from, you guessed it, Ireland.  This scene was in Northern Ireland but I can’t remember where!

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  1. Daniel Sands August 13, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    Sounds great JB, thanks!

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