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Riding The STORM out….

Being away from home during a bad storm is no fun.  Thankfully my wonderful wife was smart enough to prepare thoroughly and all seems to be going well.  Lots of  damage throughout the area no power and lots of rain still to come.  Here in the Smokies we were able to shoot for the entire day yesterday getting lots of wonderful images.  Todays blog image is another from our initial shoot at the Foothills Parkway.  We’re hoping to get out there today for similar images.  Wishing the best to all my friends who have been in harms way with this storm!!

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River of Color

Before the group arrived and the rain moved in, Dan and I had a chance to shoot reflections with yummy colors in the river.  Very disappointed that the group will not have a chance to shoot these on this trip, however, the big storm is throwing bad weather our way.  We sure hope our friends who are in the path of this powerful storm are kept safe!

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Smoky Mountain Magic

During our scouting time we stumbled upon this wonderful scene.  We loved the sweeping curves of the trees leading the eye into the frame, the red leaves popping out of the varying shades of green and yellow and the fallen tree anchoring the frame .  All of the elements of a strong image seemed to align for this one!

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More Yumminess at Foothills Parkway

With the positive response to yesterdays image, I decided I should post a personal favorite from the same location taken on the same day just a bit further up the road.  I felt the conversion to B&W worked extremely well.  The gang has arrived and we are excited to begin shooting in the morning at this same location.  It should be a great week!

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Foothills Smoke

The Foothills Parkway is a must stop in the Smokies.  At sunrise you will often find the classic Smoky look that the Smoky Mountains are famous for.  This morning we took a run at it and were rewarded for doing so.   The gang arrives tomorrow and we get started with the shooting on Saturday.

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Contrast is your friend

I love when this situation happens.  A brooding dark sky with the chance of sun breaking through the clouds.  When I shoot, I am constantly looking at the sky to see what is going on.  Looking  for changing conditions and anticipating what might happen.  In this case, I anticipated  the sun and waited for it.  It happened and created the drama I was hoping for.  Another right answer from Hidden Lake.

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In the Smoky Mountains


I met my tour partner Dan at the Knoxville airport yesterday. We are now in Townsend at the base of the Smokies ready to start our scouting for the upcoming tour.  This is my 9th time in the Smoky Mountains and I just love it here.  Looking forward to the upcoming group.

Today’s image is yet another from the wonderful two days at Hidden Lake.

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Sometimes things just work out

I had such a magical moment the night before, I figure I’d better head back over to Hidden Lake the next night.  This time its been raining on and off all day long.  This is great news for foliage photography as the leaves are wet and trunks dark.  Perfect for saturated colors and contrast.  Once again, I’m shooting the intimate landscape scene as I don’t want the white sky in my pictures.  I am, however, wishing I had blue sky and white puffy clouds.  Can you believe it?  About the same time the sky opened up for just a few minutes the previous night, it happens again!  This time it was even better for the shot I had pre-visualized.  Sometimes things just work out.  Lucky me!

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More dramatic light and a story

The other day I posted a vertical version of this scene.  I did not have time to write much about the moment, today I would like to share what happened.

The location is Hidden Lake, a personal favorite spot for fall photography.  I had just finished leading two back to back workshops and had time for my personal shooting.  I was blessed with beautiful soft bright overcast light.  I was having a grand time wandering along the path around the lake finding new placed and subjects  to photograph.  It was the end of the day, I looked up and saw a small spot of blue sky peaking through the overcast.  I wondered, might get last light on my scene?  I picked my spot and waited and waited.  And then a blast of light, as if from a spot light directly on my chosen tree.   As I looked up and down the shore, it was truly shining on just my scene!  I was paralyzed and could not shoot.  I’ve never experienced this before.  After a minute and shouting “ARE YOU KIDDING ME???”  I quickly realized this could fade very quickly.  I was able to recompose myself, compose two pictures and it was over.   This was easily the most dramatic display of light I had ever seen.  It is a moment that is indelibly seared into my memory and one that I will never forget.   We need to show up, we need to be present and if we do, we will be presented with gifts.

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Dramatic Light

One more from last nights amazing display of dramatic light, enjoy

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