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Ryan’s Hope

One of the last shots I took while in Provincetown was of Ryan’s Hope.  The early light was making it glow!  I felt b&w was a good processing choice as it emphasized the drama of the light.

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Sunset Color

I wanted to share one more from the sunset I had shared a few posts ago.  I’ve been waiting to share as I’ve been trying to get it to look like what we saw that night.  The sun had long gone down over the horizon.  We were shivering cold, but we could not leave as the sky kept getting more and more interesting.  Typically the foreground clouds light up with color.  Not this time, instead the color seemed to fill up the sky behind them, which was rather unique.  I hope this does not look too dark.  My visual memory is that it was dark by this time, and the only way I could get the color to be as vibrant as I remember was to make the overall image a bit darker.  The area in the middle top is what I’ll remember, it was just glowing!

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Outgoing Tide

I did not have a camera with me as we were working the Race Point area.  It was very cold and windy and I wanted to help others.  After helping, I headed down to scout the beach area and found this gem.  I quickly headed back  to let others know about it and got a camera.  I could not resist.  I loved the sand pattern along with the water that was quickly disappearing into the sand.  I used a Singh-Ray Vari ND Duo filer to dial in a 30 second exposure.  This helped soften the waves and blur the clouds.

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Waiting and working…

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday’s post,  lets keep it going.  Here is another from the same location. So what changed?  The clouds, the composition, the time of day and the filter.  How did that happen?  I kept working the scene, asking what I’m being drawn to, what do I want to feature?   I stayed up on the walkway and then jumped down to be at the waters edge look to see how each looked.  I tired wide and and not so wide angle choices.  I tried polarized and unpolarized versions.  In other words I worked the scene.  I waited for clouds to be in the right place.  I was concerned about balance and made adjustments accordingly.   Too often I see folks at workshops take a shot and move on.  Not me, if I’m drawn to a scene I will stay for awhile making sure to work it.

Now its your turn, how do you feel about this take on the same scene you saw yesterday?

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Rules, according to whom? (edited versions)

Rules are a good thing.  They are especially helpful for new photographers/artists.  They give us a good idea of what works, what does not and why.  Sometimes rules can be broken with good result.  One such rule is that of cutting your frame in half.  Normally this is not a good idea, as it tends to be static.  As a rule it would be better and much stronger divide to your frame in a ratio of one third to two thirds.  This would work top weighted or bottom weighted.  I think todays post,is one that works fine cut in half, however, there is still a small issue that cropping takes care of.   I’m including an alternate crop below in the interest of getting your feedback.  I’d prefer something more than I like the top one best.  Tell me why you are okay or why you prefer one over the other.  This kind of feedback is useful for all who read the blog. Oh, and what is the little nit that I was concerned about and thus cropped?

This image is another from the Cape Cod workshop where we had the dramatic morning with amazing gold light!  Very much of an essence image from this trip.

(EDIT) I’ve updated both images.  I posted images that were too light.  I’ve included Scotts crop in the bottom image eliminating the issue in the top right.  I think the images now feel more like I remember the light being.  It was not bright at all.  The light was soft and very warm.

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16mm Fisheye

During our Cape Cod workshop, Jeff Lovinger let me borrow his wicked cool 16mm fisheye lens.  Guess what?  I’m gonna own a 16mm fisheye too.  So much fun!  This was processed from one image using Nik Viveza.

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Gold Light

On Saturday we were up early to walk out to Hatches Harbor.  Its about a 20 minute hike and worth the effort.  We were greeted by warm light an interesting sky, and low tide great for adding foreground interest.  Here is a favorite from that morning.

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Cape Cod Workshop a Wrap

What a great time we had!  Sure it was COLD, however, we were treated to a number of great moments to photograph.  The gold light at this time of the year was just yummy!

Today’s post is from our 2nd full day.  As we arrived at the beach cottages we were greeted with this amazing display over the water.  The “god” rays were a wonderful bonus to an amazing display of light and clouds above.  As a side note, I waited until the sun went behind the darker cloud allowing me to capture this contrasty scene with one exposure.


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Freezing Cold Sunset

Last night we were treated to an amazing sunset.  It had been an overcast/cloudy day and we worried about a sunset.  A band of pink appeared along the horizon well before sunset, so we headed to the beach.  As sunset approached, the color got richer and richer, presenting us with numerous opportunities for happy dances.  I present two different takes here.

We had a tremendous day today with two outings that presented nearly perfect light and conditions.  Images to come in the next posts.

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