Thank you! – New Ireland Folio Added

The 2012 Nature Visions Expo was another winner.  This group does a tremendous job each year with a an event that takes a ton of time and volunteer help.  I was happy with the way my new presentation, Discovery & The Creative Choice went. Thank you, to all that came out for the lecture.  If you’ve not been to the event, pencil it in for next year.  There are terrific vendors available with great show deals on lots of good gear.  The lectures, workshops and keynote are all very well planned with excellent speakers and teachers.  It is a great event.

I’ve added a new Folio to my Folios tab, Ireland.

The blog picture is yet another from that magical two days I had at Hidden Lake.  This was very late in the day just before I captured the single yellow tree with reflection posted a few posts back.  The light lasted for just a minute and I was only able to make four images in that time.  This is one.

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  1. John,

    I missed this earlier. Just where is Hidden Lake — I can find references in PA and in NJ. I’m just planning for next fall….Thanks.


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