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Curled up with you…..

As the cold settles in, I decided to warm up with a look at some old flower images.  This particular image is a favorite that I’ve used for presentations.  This time, I used different processing techniques, learned watching a recent Nik Webinar.  I used filters I’ve not used before in Color Efex 4.0.   I really like the soft glow I was able to add while keeping the center sharp.  For final detail work I used the new Topaz Detail 3 which is just wonderful.  Today is the last day to get 40% off of all Topaz software. Click on this LINK and use the code topaz2012

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Man, time flies!

I’m still into the archives looking at unprocessed files for fun.  These images were made back in 2009!  My Mom was right, time goes faster the older you get!

I was in a creative mood last night as I worked on these images.  I hope you enjoy.  Topaz B&W was used to create the looks in all images.


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Snow in B&W

Another from the archives.  This time looking at snow in black & white.  I used Silver Efex Pro for this conversion.  Remember, you can click on the image to view it bigger.  AND you can click a link below to share a post if you’d like.  Sharing is fun!

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Winter Wonderland

It appears that some of this white stuff might be on its way this weekend.  I decided to dig back a few years to review some images I made at a local park.  Again, I’m struck by the value of going back to look at past work.  Can’t believe I never processed this image.  I hope all had a great Holiday!

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Merry Christmas!

A big thank you to all who have visited my blog, attended a workshop, went on a tour or clicked on a discount link.  I appreciate your support!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy 2013!

Today’s blog post is another from the Eastern Sierra, this time a wonderful Sunrise at Mono lake.

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Some spots open for our Charleston S.C. and Fall In New England Tours

The tours I do with Dan Sniffin were officially announced just about a month ago.  As usual, the spots fill up very quickly and we are grateful for that!  Thank you!   I thought an update on the status was in order so you might be able to plan your trips for next year.

We are full for Death Valley.

We have 5 spots available for Charleston

We have just one spot left for the Palouse.

Iceland is Full.

We have 5 spots open for the New England Tour.

As you can see, we have essentially 11 spots left for all of our tours!  We hope you’ll consider coming along for one if you’ve not signed up yet.

Today’s image is from the Eastern Sierra of California.  Specifically the Bishop area.  I made this capture back in 2010 but have never had success in processing it until today.  Yet, another good reason to keep your images. My processing knowledge has improved over the last 2 years, allowing me to make something out of a tough exposure.  I’m posting a copy of the Raw File for comparison below.  I should point out that I also have an underexposed capture in which the sky looks much better in RAW processing.  The challenge, was to make the shoreline bright enough.  For this the brighter (not overexposed) capture was much better as it did not generate any noise to speak of in processing.  And, I had plenty of data to bring the bright sky, color and saturation back to what I remember seeing.


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Returning to Cuba

I’ve been in a Cuba state of mind, listening to music purchased there in January and reviewing images made.  Tony Sweet  and I will be heading back with a group in January.  I’m excited to be going back.  Great people with tremendous opportunities for photography.  Today’s image is from Trinidad Cuba and is representitiave of the  beauty in the decay found throughout Cuba.

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Topaz Webinar & Special 30% Discount!

The Topaz webinar I did on Tuesday,  is available on YouTube.  You can link to it at the bottom of my tutorials page.  There you’ll find many links for other webinars as well as my own videos.

Topaz is offering  a special TWO DAY discount, December 17 & 18. You will receive a 30% off of the new Detail 3, the bundle or bundle upgrades.  This is a great deal and a good time to either get the bundle or upgrade to it.  Click on this link and use the code getdetail.

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Introducing Sara Marino

Every once in awhile you run across work that takes your breath away.  Today, I want to introduce Sarah Marino,  I ran into Sarah on  I would see her new posts and marvel at her work.  I finally went to her website and spent about an hour gasping at image after image.  Sarah has a gift for both composition and processing.  And of course, when I reached out to express my admiration for her stellar work I found out she has been following my work as well!   With any luck maybe our paths might cross, which would be fun.   Do yourself a favor, click on the links above and treat yourself to Sarah’s wonderful work!

The blog image today is from Trinidad Cuba.  Tony Sweet and I are looking forward  to taking a group to Cuba in January, so I thought Cuba would work for the blog today!

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Foggy Morning

I love going back through images to find hidden gems.  I’ve spoken about this before, but feel it worth another reminder.  Give yourself time from the shoot so you will be able to evaluate the images for what they are, and not what you had hoped they would be.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It would be best to craft your image in the viewfinder and feel confident you have THE shot.  That said, I still feel we are drawn to certain images when we do our review and these pop out because of our emotional and visceral reaction to them.  What then happens is, we tend to move on leaving behind other images that are also great!  With today’s image, I have already processed three others from this particular morning shoot.  As I went back to review images, now almost two months old, I had new knowledge.  I have learned more about processing this type of image and was able to review the RAW files with a new perspective.  This new knowledge helped me to see the potential in other similar images.  And then I decided to play with a crop and came up with the image below.  Another right answer!

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