Crazy Wind! – Topaz Webinar Update


After VIK, we drove to the south east where we skirted the Vatnajokull glacier.  This image is from a stop we made as we saw the sky begin to break from the rain we were experiencing.  When we exited the vans, it was breezy, by the time we ran to the logical point to make photographs it was a howling wind!  So windy, it almost blew you over.  As such, the clouds were moving very rapidly creating new compositions each second.  You can see the tongue of the glacier in the bottom left of the frame.   This was an exhilarating stop to be sure!

The Topaz webinar introducing ReStyle is in fact this Thursday at 5:00Pm EST.  You can sign up here.    And remember click this link and use the code restyleit for  50% discount till 8/31.

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  1. Karen Messick September 15, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Magnificent landscape image! Great capture!

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