Topaz Texture Effects Is HERE!

My friends at Topaz have announced a new plug-in called TEXTURE EFFECTS. The price if $69.99 but with the code TEXTUREFX, you can save $20 until November 20th and pick it up for $49.99. Click this link to take you to the page to learn more or buy. 

Next week on November 19th, I’ll be doing a webinar which will cover this great new software! A game changer if you like texture work. And yes, you can add your own or purchased textures. I’m a big fan of Flypaper Textures and love being able to use them in this program. Yet, there is so much more than texture capabilities in this program. There is light leak, basic editing like brightness, color and shadows and highlights. There are borders, diffusion, double exposures, dust and scratches and more!  Great job TOPAZ!!

Here is an image I just did using the new software. The before image is below. So much fun!!

untitled-0381 untitled-0381before

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