More from The Hideout Ranch – New Topaz Webinar

A couple more from our amazing experience at The Hideout Ranch in Wyoming.

I will be doing another webinar for Topaz on March 22nd.  I’ll cover B&W Effects, Clarity, Impression and Texture Effects this time.  You can sign up here.

A reminder that the award winning Topaz DeNoise is on sale through March 20th.  Click this link to save $30 using the code NOISEFREE.  

If you’re enjoying Topaz Texture Effects as much as I am, you might take a look at adding some textures from my friends at Flypaper. Click this link and use the code JBARCLAY to save 15% at checkout.




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  1. Stephan Dietrich March 23, 2016 at 2:19 pm #

    Majestic! These have a Bev Doolittle appeal to them… looking for the hidden patterns and figures within!

    Thank you for hosting yet another great Topaz Webinar! Great examples! Thanks for sharing! Your insight, wisdom and knowledge for photography and post work are awesome! All the best!

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