Wanaka Willow

The Willow in the water at the lake in Wanaka is iconic. On our morning at “the tree” it started out slow. It was not looking like we’d get any magic light, however, once again patience paid off!  For a few minutes just before calling it a wrap we were rewarded with a blast of gold light while the clouds lingered!  It might be iconic but my goodness was it exhilarating when it happened! Lots of happy dancing going on this morning!

It was hard to pick just one, but here it is!



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Lake Matheson


This is a classic view of Lake Matheson. It is about a two mile hike but worth it. The path is lush with the ubiquitous fern found at every turn. A storm was brewing as I made my walk to the lake. When I arrived, I could hear the thunder closing in. I waited anxiously for a little blast of sun to light the trees. It came but lasted for about 30 seconds. This was the best I could do as I really wanted to get back before I got drenched! I just barely made it! Others were not so lucky.

I’m posting a B&W version below. Was not quite sure about it. Curious what you think? It is a tighter composition.



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Telephoto Sky

I have to come clean, for a guy who is sometimes referred to as “Skyman,” I missed it. Yup, I missed a really good sky shot. Dan on the other hand nailed it! When he showed me, I almost killed him. Well not really, but pretty darn close! So, when this situation revealed itself on a different day, I made sure to get it. The lesson? I was so focused on capturing wide angle images that I lost track of other possible right answers like a telephoto sky. Always good to be reminded, thanks Dano!


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Lake Wakatipu

My friend Louise Shoemaker who traveled with us to New Zealand recently posted an image on Facebook where she said, “I can’t stop processing images from Lake Wakatipu.”  I responded with, I understand! With that, I share one more from that wonderful first evening sunset.


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Lake Reflection

I think this is Beacon Point. We were hoping for a display of color, but that never happened. 

When I first saw my images from this stop, I didn’t select a single one. Then on a third or fourth pass, I started working on this one. I’m amazed once again with the power of the RAW processing in Lightroom. This was processed from one image. Shot at 10mm with my Fuji 10-24 on the X-T1.



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A little detour from my New Zealand images. When I arrived home, I was anxious to photograph the tulips at Longwood Gardens.  I picked a day that looked like it would be overcast, however, it ended up being pretty sunny. I should have gone the next day! None the less, I ended up with three images that I like. All images were processed with a blended layer of Alien Skin Snap Art.




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On the way to Fox Glacier

On our way to Fox Glacier we stopped at the beach. The conditions were moody making for some interesting B&W possibilities.  I like these two. The bottom image was made using a Singh-Ray 5 stop Mor-Slo allowing me to achieve a 12 second exposure to smooth out the ocean. If you like long exposure images, you can save 10% on Singh-Ray filters using the code Barclay10 at check out.




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Silver Fern

The silver Fern is ubiquitous in New Zealand. The top is dark green and silver underneath. In full moon light they are flipped over so the silver side will reflect the light helping guide the way on dark paths. They are beautiful!

I felt a b&w conversion best for the wonderful fern. (click image to view larger)



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End of the first day – New Zealand

To finish off the first day photographing with our group in New Zealand,we get this! (Remember to click on the images to make them much bigger!)

Below you’ll find another from this same location taken earlier and converted to B&W.





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Braided River – New Zealand

Not too far from where my last blog image was made, I found this one. The sky was wonderful and the braided river offered a nice leading line.  


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