Yes, another WAVE!

I can’t help myself.  Clicking on the image will make it bigger. Enjoy


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Molokai Through Their Eyes

It is time for another “through their eyes” post. This time from beautiful Molokai Hawaii. There is something special about Molokai as you’ll see from the wonderful images presented by some of those who attended the workshop. Remember to click the highlighted link to see more of the photographers work.

Aubrey Yee

Molokai waves at sunset, standing witness to the universe, painting with ocean…


Louise Shoemaker

Finally—Connection!  I danced around this gecko, advancing to get a close shot, watching as he scurried away, then re-emerged because he was as curious as I.  Finally he came to the edge of the leaf and stopped long enough to give me a long, quiet look.  The other photos were ok, but THIS one tells the story of that moment of magical connection.

Gecko Through my eyes

Carla Francis

“Of all the beautiful places we saw during our workshop on Molokai, the Sea Cliffs had the greatest impact on me. The cliffs lit up by early light and the powerful waves filled me with awe and thankfulness for the privilege of being there. I named this image The Power and the Majesty.”

CF-October 29, 2015
“I believe this is my favorite image from our “See the Light” workshop because it speaks to me of the peace and beauty of the people of Molokai. I saw this image right in front of me, looking into the sun and I knew I had to grab one shot before the moment and light was lost. It reminds me to act when I see the moment and to never be afraid to shoot into the sun. Amazing things can happen!”
This image makes me smile thinking how happy these girls were, especially the youngest one. After I told them we are done shooting and that they can now do whatever they want, she immediately climbed the tree! After the mesmerizing performance of hula, the youngest dancer showing her mischievous side, because at the end of the day, kids still will be kids.
After the Dance
I live on the Pacific ocean but never have I seen waves like those in Hawaii. Power, uniqueness & beauty- priceless joy.
Papohaku wave-2761
Janice Chipman 
Hawaii is, technically, just a group of rocks surrounded by water.  What makes it so special – aside from the weather – is the color;  the greens and blues of the backgrounds;  the soft yellows and whites of the Plumeria;  and the sun-touched browns of its people.  When shooting at a beach in the Halawa Valley, I had a chance to reduce all the best of Hawaii to its basic elements – some rocks, a little water and a touch of color.  Thanks, John Barclay, for the tour.  Thanks, Jonathan Kingston, for lending me your neutral density filter!
“There is no doubt that the cliffs above Kalaupapa are the reason you come to this area to photograph. Though I loved most of the images of the cliffs themselves, by turning around away from the cliffs, I was struck by the stunning beauty of a Hawaiian sunset that I otherwise might have missed !!!”
DD Molokai Serious-2
Terry Schroeder
The Sea Cliffs on Molokai are a feast for the eye and a place to return to again and again. It’s different every time and invites a deliberate photographic process.  Be still and let the images come to you.
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Topaz Webinar Covering Texture Effects on Thursday

My friends at Topaz have announced a new plug-in, TEXTURE EFFECTS. The price is $69.99, but with the code TEXTUREFX, you can save $20 until November 20th and pick it up for just $49.99. Click this link to take you to the page to learn more or purchase.

This week on November 19th at 5:00PM EST, I’ll be doing a webinar which will cover this great new software! To sign up click this link.

With Texture Effects you are able to add your own or purchased textures. I’m a big fan of Flypaper Textures, and love being able to use them in this program. Use the code JBARCLAY to save 15% on any purchase of their wonderful textures.


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Another Wave!




Not much to say other than, they are seriously addictive! I wrote about the technique in my recent newsletter, but thought it might be worth sharing here as well.

I shot this with my Fuji X-T1 which worked perfectly!  Understanding the proper technique is important.  Thank you Jonathan Kingston!  

Shoot in Manual Mode with your f/stop at f/8 and shutter speed at 1/2000. Now set your ISO to AUTO.  On my Fuji (and with Nikon) with the new version 4.0 firmware, auto ISO in this set up allows the ISO to float to make a correct exposure while locking in f/stop and aperture. Very cool! Next, go to your menu and choose AF-C and Wide Tracking. The last thing I did was shoot in continuous high.

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Topaz Texture Effects Is HERE!

My friends at Topaz have announced a new plug-in called TEXTURE EFFECTS. The price if $69.99 but with the code TEXTUREFX, you can save $20 until November 20th and pick it up for $49.99. Click this link to take you to the page to learn more or buy. 

Next week on November 19th, I’ll be doing a webinar which will cover this great new software! A game changer if you like texture work. And yes, you can add your own or purchased textures. I’m a big fan of Flypaper Textures and love being able to use them in this program. Yet, there is so much more than texture capabilities in this program. There is light leak, basic editing like brightness, color and shadows and highlights. There are borders, diffusion, double exposures, dust and scratches and more!  Great job TOPAZ!!

Here is an image I just did using the new software. The before image is below. So much fun!!

untitled-0381 untitled-0381before

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Those Fumaroles! Yellowstone


 Yellowstone, what an amazing place. The steam pouring out of the fumaroles is mesmerizing, adding so much to an already unique landscape. With all of the steam, b&w just felt right as I shot this scene. I have included the color version below as I know many will want to see both. 


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I just finished co-leading our annual “See The Light” workshop on the Island of Molokai in Hawaii with Jonathan Kingston. Molokai is a place where many go to recharge, to “right their canoe” and experience the spirit of Mother Molokai. Last year, we went to the Beach in hopes of photographing the giant waves where Dewitt Jones, Jonathan Kingston and Rikki Cooke have made many amazing images. It is not as easy as it looks. It takes some practice and I did not do so well. This year we took our group back to the beach and were treated to amazing conditions where everyone got a good wave shot. The energy in the crashing waves is amazing to witness, and to capture one is a thrill! Be prepared, I may show a few more in the coming weeks! 

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Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon – Another Right Answer


The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is beautiful. It offers a classic, even iconic shot at the lower falls. To be honest, waterfalls just don’t do much for me anymore. I shot a lot of them years ago and have just lost interest. So, rather than photograph the iconic scene, I turned my attention to the mist being created by the falls that was rising behind the ridge to the right. Perfect!

After making this image, we went to the upper falls where we met a small group of photographers. They were mumbling about the light being all wrong to shoot the lower and now the upper falls. I could not help but interject and said, “Really? I though it was perfect! No, not for the falls but for what was right next to the falls!”  They looked at me like I had two heads. There is was again, that expectation thing getting in the way of another right answer!

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Going Home


I have been leading a weekend workshop in the Pocono’s for 10 years. Every year, it feels like I’m coming home. This image is from one of my favorite places there, Hidden Lake. A bit of fog hanging on as the sun makes its appearance made my heart sing!

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Canary Spring – Yellowstone

Every once in awhile you run into a scene that simply takes your breath away. Such was the case at Canary Spring in Mammoth Hot Springs. What a unique nature story, full of color, mood, and well, yumminess. As much as I love this photograph, what will stay with me is the feeling and the experience I had while making it.

Photography has blessed me in many ways. I have had the opportunity to travel to locations I could never have imagined. I have made life long friends. I have had the privilege of working with extraordinary photographers like my tour partner Dan Sniffin, Betty Wiley and the team at the Hui in Hawaii, Jonathan Kingston, Dewitt Jones, and Rikki Cooke. I am grateful for my blessings, and what to say thank you to all who have been there along the way.

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