Experience Music Project, Seattle Layover

For the first time in my life, I made a mistake in my travel plans. I thought I had picked a flight which would get me home at 6:30PM, however, I picked one getting me home at 6:30AM the next day. Yup, a RED-EYE!  You can imagine my dismay! All was not lost though. Ed, a new friend I met on the last Cuba tour, lives on the outskirts of Seattle. I remembered his invite should I ever be in the area and made a call. He and his lovely wife Kathey were kind enough to take me in for the afternoon. I asked Ed if he might take me to the EMP building that I so enjoy photographing,he obliged. Thank you Ed!



This image is from my favorite side of the building and a new and different composition from the images I posted last year at this time.  Below is me totally oblivious and having a blast shooting the Fuji X-T1. An image Ed made and sent along. 


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The Palouse Tours come to an end


We just finished with our second group who was an amazing, and creative bunch.  I love the Palouse and hate for my time here to come to an end, but I’m anxious to get home to my family.  Here is a parting shot for now.  Its from another magical evening at the iconic Steptoe Butte. This time with a wide angle lens. The sky cooperated and the light was golden.  THANK YOU!!

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Morning Glow

Yet another favorite scene from Steptoe Butte in the morning. Not much time to post as we are finishing up our 2nd tour and the days are long. We LOVE the Palouse!





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Double Barn Drama


On one of our scouting days, we went out to check on a favorite double barn scene. The sky was pretty gnarly, so I took a grab shot thinking I might be able to work with it in post. After a fair amount of work in Lightroom and then Photoshop and Nik Color Efex Pro, this is what I ended up with.  

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Swiping the Palouse

And now for something a bit different.  Not all images from the Palouse need to be tack sharp.  Sometimes its fun to try “swipes,” a technique where you move your camera while depressing the shutter.  Oft times you will need to shoot a number of them to get one “keeper,” but its worth it and they are fun to do.  If you’re lucky you’ll have an unknown photographer near you wondering what on earth you are doing.  If this happens, just smile and tell them you’re creating art!




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Whitman County Growers



I love the rolling hills that surround this great grain elevator. This was made the other night when the light was magical.  It had just rained so the air was very clear and the light golden. We are finishing up the first tour and getting ready for the second that starts on Monday. Exhausted would be a good word!


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Magic on Steptoe

After a day of chasing some challenging weather, we were treated to an amazing display of light on Steptoe Butte.  It simply does not get better than this.




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Leading Lines




Here is a favorite from our very LOOOONNGGG first day. Up at 3:45AM for a 4:15AM trip up to Steptoe for sunrise and then we chased light the rest of the day.  We finally got some skies to work with late in the day.  

Time for bed as we are EXHAUSTED. The long days in the Palouse this time of the year are brutal but wicked fun. As usual, we have a tremendous and talented group with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm.


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The Palouse Tours Begin

Dan and I have finished our scouting and are getting ready for our first tour to begin. We have visited our favorite locations making sure all is well. We also scouted new roads in hopes of finding hidden treasures and were not disappointed. The blog image is from a favorite location. This little barn is leaning even more than last year and is not long for this world. I’d be surprised if it is still standing next year.


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Another Reason to Love my Fuji

For years, I’ve known I should always carry a camera with me. I’ve failed miserably with the exception of having my iPhone with me at all times. With my heavy Nikon gear, I would never carry it or even have it in my car. I’ve purchased a few P&S type cameras but for whatever reason I’ve never fallen in love them them. Enter the Fuji X series. I now have a small lightweight kit in the car at all times. So, last week I was on my way to church, it was overcast with light rain. Rather than take the “normal” route, I decided to take the road that travels along the south side of Peace Valley Park. I spotted this scene, stopped the car and made three handheld captures.  I knew even with my effective 300mm lens I could not get close enough, so I cropped it into a square in post. This image would not exist unless I had my trusty Fuji X system in my car at all times.  I’m really happy with this image which will serve as a reminder to always carry a camera with me!  And now I don’t have anymore excuses with my Fuji X gear.

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