Homage to Michael Kahn – New Software from Perfectly Clear and Topaz


I (we) had the good fortune of accidentally running into Michael Kahn, a wonderful B&W film photographer, specializing in boats and seascapes. I had just seen his work at the Focus Gallery in Chatham and was very impressed. We were shooting in Chatham, when he and his wife stopped while riding their bicycles to engage our group and enquire as to what we were doing. What impressed me most about Michael, was his humble demeanor. What a wonderful, engaging, and nice person. Before we knew who he was, someone had asked if he was a photographer too. His reply was something like, “yes, I like to make photographs” No bragging about being in the high end gallery or anything like that. Just that he too loved to make photographs. He shoots with 4×5 and medium format film cameras and prints all of his prints in a wet darkroom. They are a sight to behold in person!

I purchased his terrific book “The Spirit of Sailing” at the gallery and was inspired to make the image presented in my post today. Yes this is the same yellow Dory that I’ve posted previously. If you like sailing or boats, I highly recommend his book which can be purchased at the Focus Gallery online.

My friends at Topaz Labs have released a wonderful new product called Impression. Impression is a faux painting program and is quite good. If you purchase before the end of the month you’ll save 25% using the code SEPIMPRESSION at checkout.  Click this link to take you to the site. If you like a painterly look to your images you’ll like this new product.

Athentech the makers of Perfectly Clear have just released version 2.0 of their fine software that I’ve been using and blogging about recently. With the new release, they have lowered the purchase price and if you click this link you’ll save an additional 10%.

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Cape Light – Red Sailboat


There are many who speak of something called “Cape light.” There was even a book written in the seventies call “Cape Light.” There is indeed something special about the light on Cape Cod, and on this morning, with the second group, we were treated to Cape light along with a red sailboat. I can assure you, there was some happy dancing going on on this morning!




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Stage Harbor

You can see the retired Stage Harbor Lighthouse in the distance from this harbor.  The light was not great on this evening, but worthy of a capture with the soft shades of pink and purple. This kind of harbor scene is a common sight in the Chatham area.



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After the sunset at the yellow Dory

After shooting the yellow Dory in the glow of the soft gold light the sun quickly set behind a bank of clouds at the horizon. Steve, a friend I was shooting with, suggested we move to a location he found that had a bit more water creating a nice reflection. By choosing to shoot with a wide angle lens, I was able to capture the drama of the sky. I added the Dory and surrounding rocks in silhouette as an added element to my composition. 


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The Yellow Dory

Before my trip to Cape Cod to co-lead two workshops, there was rumor of a famous yellow Dory being spotted. In fact, there were images sent of the storied Dory and an invitation to photograph it, as the tide was low at Sunset the night after I arrived. Why would I pass up an opportunity to see what the fuss was all about? Suffice it to say, I’m am now in love with the yellow Dory.

Stay tuned as the yellow Dory has lead my co-leader to learn of another Dory. This one being red and yes, the first group had a chance to photograph it this morning. All I’m going to say is, it was epic.



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The Palouse from 4,000 Feet – Part 2


One more set of images shot from the airplane at about 4,000 feet above the Palouse. Again, all shot with the Fuji X-T1 and 18-55mm lens.










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Palouse Velvet #2



Another taken from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse. Hard to deny the beauty of spring in this magical place.

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The Tree


This is one of the trees in the Palouse that we love. It is the tree that we photograph from Steptoe Butte in the evening and the one we love to get up close and personal with in the morning. On this morning I looked behind me and noticed the clouds. So I went to the other side of the tree where it was front lit to be able to place it against the nice sky. 

We have just a few spots left for our B&W focused workshop with special guest Chuck Kimmerle in February.  We will begin in Las Vegas and then head to Valley of Fire and Death Valley on this trip.  More details on my Photo Tour page. 

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The Palouse from 4,000 feet


After seeing a friends aerial images of the Palouse, Dan and I decided we wanted to give it a try too. We each rented a Cessna 172 and scheduled two one hour flights. One in the morning and another in the evening. We liked it so much, we decided to do one more evening flight after the tours ended. Below is a collection of some images I like thus far.

Because you are moving and shooting out of a windy window, it becomes a challenge to make perfect compositions. I took about 600 images during the three flights and quickly realized not to worry about perfect composition in camera. I would do some cropping in post.

All images were taken with my Fuji X-T1 and 18-55mm lens. Remember this is an APS system so that translates to about 28-70 full frame. I never felt I needed more or less than that. It was the perfect lens for this situation. 
































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Thank you!


Thank you to those who attended my Topaz Webinar yesterday. Just a reminder that you can save 30% on anything in your CART by using the code barclayweb12 at checkout. Or you can save 50% if you are just buying Topaz Adjust by using the code barclayadjust. 30% off of the entire suite of plug-ins is a really great deal. The codes are only valid through 9-1-14 so don’t miss out.

The blog image is from one of our favorite stops in the Palouse! We call it Auntie Em’s house.


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