The Hideout – Shell Wyoming


This year, we decided to mix things up and do a completely different tour. Our friend Betty Wiley had been to The Hideout Ranch in Wyoming and suggested it as a trip of a lifetime. Well, Betty was right, all who attended agreed that it was indeed a trip of a lifetime. The accommodations, food and especially the staff made for a first class experience. Throw in real Cowboys, Cowgirls and some horses and it adds up to amazing! One participant said it best, “It’s like they provide a portable movie set and move it to two new locations everyday!” And they changed their clothes and boots twice a day too!  So much fun!  And yes, we will do this one again in January of 2018.

For the Fuji fans out there, yes, I brought just Fuji gear for this trip and it worked flawlessly. These shots were taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 55-200 lens. In fact 90% of my 4,000 frames were taken with this set up. For the most part I used the floating ISO method when shooting running horses. My settings were f/5/6 or f/8 with 1/1000 of a second using Auto ISO with a limit of 3200. 


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A few more from the Disney Concert Hall

Just a few more from the 2010 shoot at the Disney Concert Hall. So glad I went back with a fresh perspective to look at these files. One technical note, I did notice the ability to process the older Canon 5D files was not nearly as good as my current Fuji files. And yes, sometimes a black sky is still best. 






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Mining for pixels in them there archives…

Continuing on from my last post, here are a few more from the 2010 archives of my shoot at the Disney Concert Hall in L.A..  Once I got started looking at these old files, I could not stop. I mean, how did I miss processing the lead color image? I love this shot!



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Out with the new and in with the old

What?  Out with the new and in with the old? What is he talking about? Is he sick? Is he delusional? Chuck Kimmerle that is not an invitation for comment….. You too Sniffin. Well, yes, I have been battling a lousy cold for a few weeks. You know the kind. The kind that keeps you feeling blah. Not real bad, but, just drags you down. Its been a struggle to create anything, never mind write a blog post.  And then yesterday, I was looking through my archived files for one specific image and ended up having a blast. I stumbled upon a number of images I never thought to process. Images I had completely forgotten about.  Once again, I was reminded why you don’t throw away images. I can take my new processing knowledge and tools and unearth worthy, even great images. And our knowledge of what is good or bad changes as we mature as a photographer. These images are great examples that make my point. Up until recently, I was committed to and convinced that a sky in a black and white image must be dark or close to black. I just did not see the potential of a white sky. And then I processed this image from L.A. and fell in love with a white sky. And then I found the composition from the Disney Gehry building below. Paradigm shift…..  Gotta run now, I’ve got OLD images to process. 

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If only…


I scan the Fuji rumors site from time to time and this is what I see. If only Fuji would come out with a 24 megapixel camera. If only the rumored Fuji X-Pro2 had an articulating LCD screen. If only Fuji would come out with a medium format sensor and camera! If only Fuji would release that rumored 100-400mm lens…  If only, (fill in the blank) then I could really take my photography to the next level. WHAT?!?!  My questions to them would be. What do you need 24mp for? What will you do with it? Are you not happy with the image quality of the X-T1 (insert your current camera here)? Can you not print big enough? And most importantly, are you happy with your photography?  If not, surely 24mp, a tilting screen or new lens, are not going to make you a better photographer. Maybe you’re chasing or concerned about the wrong thing? How about spending more time on your craft with the camera you own?

The blog images today are from Cape Cod.


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Sea Cliffs

Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful 2016!

One of the magical places we photograph during our “Seeing The Light” Workshop in Hawaii, is the majestic sea cliffs.  My understanding is these are the tallest sea cliffs in the world. It is amazing to see the transformation of this scene as the sun rises. These two images were made just 15 minutes apart. The top image was made using a Singh-Ray Mor-Slo filter which allowed me to smooth out the rough surf.  For the image below, I removed the filter to include the waves as another element in the frame. Receive a 10% discount on Singh-Ray filters by using the code BARCLAY10 at checkout.

If you’d like to join us in Hawaii for the 2016 “Seeing The Light” workshop send me an email and I will add you to the list!  We are working to update the web page with the details about the 2016 event. That should be done before the end of the year. In the meantime, you can see the details for the same 2015 event by clicking here.    



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Waves work in B&W

I was challenged to post a wave in B&W. An easy challenge as I had already made a conversion and loved it. Here ya go!


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To Take Or To Be Taken

To take or to be taken, that is the question. Seriously, it’s not to be or not to be, Shakespeare didn’t have a clue. I kid! I have been reading a lot of photography books, blog posts and magazine articles. None are about gear or post-processing. Rather, they are about the process of photography, vision and learning to see. I find myself asking the question, do I want to take pictures or be taken. Do I want to go out just because I am a photographer and take pictures because that is what I’m supposed to do?  The answer I keep coming up with is, no. Rather, I want to be in a place where I can be taken and then capture that. A place where I am open to that moment of perception where I sense or see an image because of a connection that happened. Does or will that connection always need to be recognized?  No, I don’t think so, at least not at the moment of perception. But, I want to sense a connection. Here is what I do know. When that moment of connection does happen, I feel euphoric! It is a different feeling than when I am forcing an image or taking one. And, I’ve learned the images that take me are much more meaningful to me. My observation is others respond differently too.

An experience in Cuba started much of this thinking and introspection.  For three years, I went to Cuba to take pictures. And by take, I mean that quite literally, because it dawned on me that is exactly what I was doing. Taking from these people. In an effort to change my paradigm, I brought a Fuji Instax camera on my most recent trip. (Think Polaroid or an instant camera that produces a 2”x3″ picture)  More importantly, I brought a different attitude.  I was there this time to give and not take. The experience was liberating, and rewarding. Each time, I would ask permission to make their photograph. I would show them a sample image, then using hand gestures and my limited Spanish, explain what was going to happen. I was going to take their picture and give it to them as a gift. Once they understood, everyone engaged. When they saw the image develop right before their eyes, they became giddy, and excited. I enjoyed this new experience so much, that I found there were many times I did not want nor need to make another image with my “real” camera. I was content with the giving experience. Or, I found myself wanting to take their picture with them holding their gift. In the past I would have frowned on the idea of having this little 2×3 picture ruin my shot! But no, it was the shot! It was the connection and story. Below are a few of the happy faces after receiving their picture.

So what happened? By first thinking about them and creating a connection, they sensed I cared. In return, I was rewarded with many wonderful experiences. In fact, I was invited into the home of the family in the first picture and given gifts to bring home. Amazing! The group in the last picture engaged a few of us for 15 minutes expressing their gratitude for Americans. Talk about being taken! I was taken by these wonderful, happy and generous people.  

If you want to see really great work from Cuba, visit Mark Steven’s site and read his many wonderful blog posts. His work is fabulous and he knows how to make connections better than anyone I’ve seen.












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The Dance


Sunlight filtering through trees, beautiful but somewhat cliche. So I asked myself the questions I ask others to ponder. What drew me to this? What is the essence of that, that turned my head or called to me? What was it, in that moment of perception, that made me stop? Then, I made an image that captured what that moment of perception was. In this case, it was the dance between the fog, sunlight and evergreens.  

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Yes, another WAVE!

I can’t help myself.  Clicking on the image will make it bigger. Enjoy


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