In-Camera Effects

All images in this gallery were created in-camera.  I used either the multiple exposure feature on my Nikon D3x or a technique I call a “swipe.”   A swipe is done my moving the camera while making the exposure.  A shutter speed of 1/5 to 1/2 second works best for me.

Gunajuatomultiple2V2.jpg_MG_4957.jpg_O0E4269.jpg_O0E4321.jpg20071006_Eastern Sierra Fall_3516.jpg20071010_D200 Creative_2304Toned.jpg2011Sep29_Colorado_0456cropped.jpgMexKitch.jpgPalouse_080608_0628.jpgPalouse_080611_1030-2.jpgspringmultiv2blend.jpg20071116_Fall_5900.jpgAspenMulti.jpg