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Nik Software No Longer Supported, Now What?

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately….  Google has announced they will no longer support the Nik Suite!  What am I going to do?  What software is there that will replace this?  How will I do this or how will I do that?  HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT NIK SILVER EFEX!!!???

Okay, look,  I too was disappointed with the announcement for a minute. Did it ruin my day? No. Will it affect my photography? No. Will my images suffer? No. If you think the loss of Nik software will affect your images, take a deep breath, breathe….  Maybe, this will force you to finally learn about Luminosity Making and use it! It is awesome! Maybe you’ll find an even better way to convert your b&w images!  Maybe there is an even better tool than Tonal Contrast.  Maybe, you will start to focus more on your vision, composition and image capture than your processing.  And maybe, just maybe, your work will get better without Nik!



All sarcasm aside, please don’t use the loss of software as an excuse.  Rather, embrace the opportunity to learn something new. Dig out the software package you purchased, but, never really explored because you loved Nik so much. MacPhun has Luminar and just released its beta version for Windows Users.  Topaz has a plethora of tools including their new Studio product.  Alien Skin has Exposure X2 and On1 has Photo Raw.  Each of them have wonderful tools that will help you craft your images. I used to use Silver Efex exclusively for my b&w work. After learning how Chuck Kimmerle and Cole Thompson process their work, I now use Lightroom and then go into Photoshop where I use selections along with dodging and burning techniques.  I like the b&w work I am producing now better than when I was using Silver Efex Pro.  I used to use Tonal Contrast from Nik a lot. It was my goto tool. Now I use Topaz Clarity or Topaz Detail 3 and am totally satisfied with the results I’m getting. Embrace the opportunity!


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Complex Simplicity #2

Awhile back, I wrote about the concept of complex simplicity, a term coined by my tour partner Dan Sniffin.   To my eye, this image fits the term.  While it has a lot going on, it really is a very simple composition.  Lots of straight lines created by the trees and branches, and then some branches with curved shapes and a few splashes of color to direct the eye.  So while complex, it really is quite simple.  Complex simplicity.



On a processing note, I used a blended layer (at 50% opacity) of Alien Skin’s Snap Art 4 Impasto to soften the busyness just a bit. 

Speaking about processing, my friends at Totally Rad have just released Replichrome II Slide Film.  These film presets work with Lightroom and also right in ACR on the RAW file.  This makes them unique and non-destructive.  Beyond that, they are excellent simulations.  All of your favorite chromes are there from Fuji and Kodak. I’ve converted the Cuba car scene below with both the Fuji and Kodak presets




Fuji Velvia



Kodak Ektachrome 64



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