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Favorites for 2013

Each year as I look back through my images, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the people I was able to share my passion with.  To all who came on a workshop, a tour or attended a lecture, thank you!  You have enriched my life.  I am also reminded of the amazing places I was able to see.  2013 brought me to Cuba, Iceland, The Palouse, Charleston, New Hampshire, Death Valley, Cape Cod and Cape May!  Wow what a year!

I’m looking forward to 2014 where in addition to the tours  I do with Dan Sniffin,  I will be co-leading a special workshop in Hawaii  with with National Geographic photographer Jonathan Kingston  and guest lecturers Dewitt Jones and Rikki Cooke .  Look for our official announcement in January.  The workshop will be in early December.

Here are some of my favorite images from the past year.  You’ll notice I’m drawn to varied subject matter which includes the Palouse, my granddaughter Abby, the gentle waves of the dunes, the warm people of Cuba and the wonderful Experience Music Project building in Seattle.






Death Valley_20130302_0013mattedDeath-Valley_20130224_0339webframed




New Hampshire_2013Sep28_0135



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More on chasing images versus letting them come to you.

Back when I started to share my Iceland images, I shared a story about my chasing an image which led to my missing it altogether.  Remember, I had to go back the next day?

Today I want to continue that discussion.  Below is Peter Cox’s image of Blahylur.  When we arrived, Peter was encouraging our group to make a pretty steep and long climb up a slope to the location where he made this image.  WOW, what a marvelous image it is. 


You’re probably wondering what I did, right?  Well, I looked at the steep slope and long climb and said, no way!   Actually, what was really going on in my mind was the previous experience, chasing an image rather than allowing one to come to me.  With this in mind, I stood at the edge of this crater looking for another image but was uninspired.  Let me be very clear, my being uninspired does not mean there was not an image to be made. It simply means that for me, I was not feeling inspired. This feeling is about me at that moment and has nothing to do with the photographer who might be standing right next to me. They very well might be finding lots of inspiration. As I stood and pondered the situation, I remembered feeling excited about something I saw on the way up to the edge of the crater.  I asked a few of the group (who chose not to make the climb) if they wanted to head back down the road with me to see what I was interested in looking at again.  And this is where I shot the image below that received the most feedback of all of the images I’ve posted from Iceland.  I find that interesting and further testimony about this idea of letting images come to you.

As I’ve pondered this idea of chasing versus letting images come to you, I’ve decided both ideas have merit.  I think Peter was pretty much chasing an image he had heard about and he had great success.  I on the other hand was doing a better job of listening to inspiration this time and came away with one of my personal favorites from the trip.  So the bottom line is, whichever situation you find yourself in next time, just be mindful of where your head is and don’t let other possibilities pass you by.


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Hillside Buildings

A common sight in Iceland are the hillside buildings dotting the landscape.  Many of them have all or most of the building tucked into the hill and oft times you’ll see very old structures with sod roofs.

In keeping with what appears to be my unfolding vision for Iceland, I present yet another B&W image of the ubiquitous hillside building.


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Okay, one more from Jokulsarlon

A unique take on the Lagoon, curious to hear what you think!


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Jokulsarlon – Glacial Lagoon

Two final images from the Lagoon.  You can see we had very moody foggy overcast this evening, however we did have a moment where we saw an orange ball in the sky reflecting in the water.



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Iceland B&W #3

With the positive feedback to the B&W work I’ve been posting, I figured I would post yet another.  This is less than a mile down the road from B&W #2.  Have a great week!


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The Tongue of the Glacier

While this is not Jokulsarlon, it is very close to it and is the same glacier.  There was a break in the sky, so we darted off the main road to chase the light.  We found this overlook where we could see the ice in a smaller Lagoon.  The fog along with the beams of sun made for some very dramatic light which was best suited for another B&W conversion. Clicking the image makes it bigger.



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Blue Ice

Back to Jokulsarlon for some of the mesmerizing blue ice.  The overcast light made for good detail work.  


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Jokulsarlon – Topaz Webinar Videos Available

One of the highlights of a trip to Iceland is a visit to Jokulsarlon.  There you will find a Glacial Lagoon like none other. While we never got great sunset or sunrise color, we still had plenty of opportunity to make worthy images. The dark gray overcast sky actually created a nice contrast for the stunning blue ice.


The YouTube videos of my last two Topaz webinars are now available.  You will find them by clicking this link for my Tutorial page   They are the last two videos at the bottom of the page. Once you click to open the video you can then make it bigger by clicking on the bottom right icon in that window.  That will take you to YouTube where you can watch videos in various sizes.

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Iceland B&W #2

This has become one of my favorite images from Iceland.  The shape of the cloud was perfect, all we had to do was wait for the sun to paint the land a bit. If you look closely, you will see people walking down the slope on the right side of the image near the edge of the frame giving a bit of perspective.  Sometimes you just know an image is going to convert to B&W really well.  Such was the case with this one!


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