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The Palouse – Through Their Eyes

Time for another in the “Through Their Eyes” series.  This one is from the wonderful and lush Palouse.  This year, I co-led an early spring workshop with my friend Rad Drew and then led my own after that.  I’ve combined both groups in this post.

I have already filled my 2018 Palouse workshop, however, Rad and I have agreed to co-lead another next year the week after mine! We have room and would love to have you along!  You can find the details, and, sign up by clicking this link on Rad’s site.

Remember to click on the images to make them bigger and on the links to see more of their work!



Jamie C. – It’s of special significance to me because it is an iconic image of American farmland I was hoping to capture when I signed up for the workshop.  But more importantly, it was how I got the shot that is the real story.  John and Steve took us to the farm location for a late afternoon shoot but clouds filled the sky and the image would have been flat.  Then it started to rain — and we dashed out of there before we got stuck in the mud.  But on the drive back to town the skies cleared and thanks to a last minute decision by John and Steve we went back to the farm location and was able to get this wonderful shot.

Jo J. – Because who doesn’t like a halo over a church?

Linda A. – “The image is from a classic spot — Steptoe Butte — but giving it a bit of an abstract treatment emphasizes the curves, shadows and colors of the scene. The elements that remain convey the essence of that beautiful landscape.”

Jamie C.  – I love this image because it combines the rolling beauty of the Palouse wheat fields, with a few artist touches inspired by my fabulous week in the workshop.  

Roxanne S.  (@Tuesdaywoman on Instagram) – It’s the quintessential Palouse shot, I suppose, and even though there are so many shots of the rolling hills of the Palouse, this one makes me smile because it’s mine. It has the lush green rolling hills and a lone tree and for me at least, that lone tree feels like a true subject with personality. That tree’s got Chutzpah standing all by itself in a sea of rolling hills. 😉

Sue M. –   I love wild flowers and this image captures the beauty of the Lupines with the beauty of the Palouse in the background.  To me it captured some of the essence of what is the Palouse.

Marlene M. – Although the iconic landscape shots were what sparked my interest in visiting the Palouse, it is this image to which I keep being drawn. For me, it conveys a sense of lonesomeness, of yearning.


Joe P. – I like this photo because of extreme contrasting colors and light.


Penny C. –  I love that only the tops of the crests and ridges are aglow; as the sun was sinking lower, this lighting was brief and lovely.

Melony P.R. – This was my second trip to the beautiful Palouse. The beauty here rivals my favorite place on Earth, Hawai’i.   Yes, the landscape takes your breath away, as does the abandoned houses and old barns, cars and trucks that have been in families for generations. But in addition to all of these items that I love to photograph, the ones that capture my heart are the fabulous people that are lucky enough to call the Palouse their home. I find it difficult to photograph people, but on occasion, I get a photo that I like. I got two photos of Palouse icons this trip and years from now when I recall these images, my heart will smile.

Linda C. – I like this image because it shows the wonderfully, sensuous rolling hills which are trademark Palouse.

Shirley W. –  I absolutely loved the grand vistas revealed around every curve of the dirt roads winding through the Palouse.  But having grown up on a dairy farm, seeing the decay and demise of so many family farms made me a bit sad.  This photo, with the lilies still growing as the house falls to ruins and the tattered drapes flap above them, spoke to me of hope.

Lois M. –  I chose this one because it is what I had in my mind’s eye before the photo trip. Rolling hills, light and shadow, beautiful color. And I had fun adding my own touches to it.

Andrea P. –   I call this, “Curves”.  It’s special to me because the first pictuees of the Palouse I ever saw were of undulating hills and beautiful contrasting colors.  That’s what I wanted to see (and I did!!).  This image is, for me, the Palouse!

Dorothy B. – It is from our morning at Steptoe and I love the light on the hills, and of course the crop duster flying through.

Terry R. – Hard to pick one, but this one I did pick because it is distilled to the simplicity of the light on the land and the amazing sky – the essence of the Palouse.

Susan R. – (@image_sir on Instagram) I like it because it reminds me of what the Palouse is…barns, rolling hills of wheat, Canola fields and beautiful scenery.

Andrew M. –

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New Zealand Tour – Red Barn in the Palouse


New, New Zealand Tour announced. Yes, after being pushed and prodded (Thanks Eli!), we are going to New Zealand in April of 2015. Details can be found on the bottom of the TOURS page.  Because of the way things tend to happen with our tours, we already have 9 signed up, leaving only 3 spots. So, if you have interest in the South Island of New Zealand you might want to act swiftly! 

The blog image is another from our recent Palouse trip. We’ve driven past this barn numerous times and have never stopped. This time the clouds were strong and there were sheep pouring out of the barn door.  I pursuaded Dan to stop so I could make a quick capture out of the car window. Glad I did as I love the pastoral feeling of this classic Palouse scene.

In my next post I will discuss the Perfectly Clear plug-in and what I’ve recently learned. This plug-in is pretty powerful and does much more than I realized. 

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New Tour Announced for 2015!

Eastern Sierra_2014Feb01_0142

Due to popular demand, we are heading back to the Eastern Sierra region to do another B&W focused tour with Chuck Kimmerle. I know, I know, why would a legend like Chuck want to hang out with the rag tag duo of Barclay and Sniffin?  Good question, I don’t know, but we are thrilled that he has agreed to join us again. We will start in Las Vegas as this is a great place to fly into. We will photograph the wonderful Gehry building on the outskirts of town, then spend a few days in the Valley of Fire and finish in Death Valley for a few runs into the Mesquite Flat Dunes. Details can be found on the TOURS page.  If you have interest in this tour, I would encourage you to sign up quickly. It will fill up fast.  

We will be announcing the rest of our 2015 tours very shortly so stay tuned or sign up to receive notice of any blog post I make.  You can do this on the blog home page at the bottom right.

The blog image is from our trip this past February in the dunes.


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The Palouse Tours Begin

Dan and I have finished our scouting and are getting ready for our first tour to begin. We have visited our favorite locations making sure all is well. We also scouted new roads in hopes of finding hidden treasures and were not disappointed. The blog image is from a favorite location. This little barn is leaning even more than last year and is not long for this world. I’d be surprised if it is still standing next year.


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200,000 Views! THANK YOU!


First, a big thank you to my blog family for being so generous with my friend Roxanne and her battle with cancer! You are wonderful and did not let me down.  If you’ve not had a chance to donate, you can still do so by clicking on this link.  And PLEASE pass the link along or share my post so others can be blessed with the opportunity to be of service too.

With my last post, I rolled over 200,000 views on this blog!  Thank you to everyone who finds value in what I do and keeps coming back. You are what makes doing a blog fun and worthwhile. With this in mind, might I ask that you consider sharing my blog with your photo friends, clubs, etc?  The more the merrier!

The image is another from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse.  Here we come!

Speaking of tours.  Its not too early to be thinking about fall foliage tours.  Dan and I will be heading back to Colorado at the end of September and we have a few spots left for that tour.  We’d love to have you along!

I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Brian Reitenauer who had his project “Amusement Park” published in my favorite magazine “Lenswork”. Way to go Brian!! Click the highlighted link to see his blog post.

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The Palouse Tour is Next

This will be Dan and my sixth time leading a tour in the Palouse.  It will be Dan’s 9th time there.  We know the Palouse and love it there.  Arguable it is one of our favorite places to photograph.  Pastoral landscape, gently rolling hills, old barns, old cars and trucks, grain silo’s and fields of waving grain with patterns carved in the landscape by artistic farmers.  It is our  Tuscan landscape and it is beautiful.  We thought this might be our last year there for awhile, however, we already have 7 anxious to join us next year.  So indeed we will be back the first week of June again next year. If the Palouse is on your bucket list, you might want to contact us now as I’m sure we’ll be sold out shortly and we’ve not even announced it yet.

Here are a few favorites from last year.

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Announcing a special workshop with Cole Thompson


My tour partner Dan Sniffin and I are very excited to announce a new workshop with special guest Cole Thompson.  As Cole is an extraordinary B&W photographer, we will be focusing on making B&W images, but of course color photographers are welcome too!   We will spend time in three primary locations during the week.  The Alabama Hills in Lone Pine CA, The Trona Pinnacles in Ridgecrest CA and the Mesquite Flat dunes in Death Valley.  The workshop will run from February 3rd to the 8th of 2014.  We are accepting deposits now,  details can be found on the Tours page of this blog.  As with our recent special workshop with Chuck Kimmerle, I’m sure this one will fill up quickly if not instantly.  So, if you have an interest act fast.  

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