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Topaz Studio 2 

Studio 2 – Edit your images beautifully with powerful filters and frictionless masking in a fine-tuned non-destructive layer workflow. Click this link and then use the code BARCLAYPHOTO to get 15% off of any purchase.

Lensbabies – I am proud to be a Lensbaby Ambassador! This means you will always be able to use my special code WBARCLAY to save 10% an anything you purchase. Simply click this link and use the code.

I recommend the Composer Pro with either the Sweet 35 or Sweet 50 optic. I am also a big fan of the Velvet 56. It is so much fun! 

Flypaper Textures –  The best textures and edges out there.  Highly recommended.

Use the code JBARCLAY for a 15% discount.

Maven Filters– I am proud to represent Maven Filters. Having color coded filters that are slim and magnetic is a joy!  

Hoodman – The best memory cards in the business hands down. Of course their famous HoodLoupe is terrific and is now collapsable!  And, they now have some great Drone gear too.

Why Hoodman?  Because they have a lifetime warranty on their memory cards and will recover lost images for free and send you a new card. Great customer service, THAT’S WHY! 

Click the link to save 10%


Amazon –  This link is to my Amazon Storefront. I have a few pages where I share primarily photography products I use and love, books I recommend, and more.  I have one page dedicated books for our “Contemplative Photography Retreat” 

 Click on the link and shop as you normally do on Amazon.  Same prices, but I get a small commission for sending you to Amazon!  Thank you!

Mindshift –  Highly recommend!

ThinkTank and MindShift are one and the same company. The  Mindshift 26L and 36L are my “go to” bags and I adore them! I love the easy access and amount of gear I can carry. The 26L is perfect for the mirrorless camera shooter while the 36L might be better for the DSLR shooter. Highly recommended! Use this LINK and receive a choice of a free item at checkout. Some really nice choices too!

Lumenzia –  Luminosity Masking is an excellent tool to use in Photoshop create smooth selections based on luminosity values.  There are a few products that do this but I have found Lumenzia to be the most straightforward to use. Greg has some excellent tutorial to help you get up and running.  You might consider his bundles that give you extra training videos.  They are worth the extra cost and will be discounted if you purchase them together.

Lifepixel – I use Lifepixel for my Infrared conversions. Just click the link.  Affordable with quick turnaround.  They even offer complete kits if you don’t have a camera to convert.

Feisol – Great affordable tripods.  I own the travel tripod CT-3441S and love it.

Luminar 4 from Skylum Software –  Highly recommend software!

Luminar 4 is my newest goto plug-in.  The AI Enhance slider is magical and the new AI Sky Replacement is revolutionary!  This is pretty awesome software!  

In the spirit of full disclosure.  I am an affiliate for most of the companies I list on this page.  Affiliate marketing is common in the internet age and a popular way for companies to market their products.  This means that I receive a small commission for sending you their way.  That said, I will only represent companies I like and use.  You of course are free to choose to use my code or someone else’s.  If you choose to click through and use my code, thank you.

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