Tony Sweet invited me to a gathering of friends at the Klotz Silk Mill this past weekend. This was my 5th time shooting at this location. When I got the invite I immediately thought, what would I find? Are there more images to be found? Would this be a waste of time? Do I really need to go back? The lessons that can be learned from going back to an image rich venue are many if you are open to them. The general answer was a resounding yes, it makes sense to go back. The first visit was overwhelming, the second I felt more comfortable which allowed me to capture the obvious images. On the subsequent visits, I was even more relaxed and able to focus on a specific aspect of the mill or a specific idea I had be dreaming about. On this trip, I was having fun being open to whatever came along. I went without any preconceived ideas of what I wanted hoping for a few “keepers” to add to my portfolio. Each visit presented different lighting. Each visit, I brought a different attitude. Each visit revealed things I had not seen the other times. Each visit, I brought a more educated vision. By this I mean, I carefully studied what I had already shot and got critical feedback from those I trust. I also looked at what other friends were shooting and gained inspiration from them. All of this allowed me to go back each time with an educated vision which I believe has allowed me to make better images.

The blog images are two favorites Water pipes, Flow and Flow #2 (above and below) Converted in Nik Silver Efex Pro.



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