Back in the days of film, we would never think of cropping our images.  It had to be exactly as shot in camera.  I was one of those snobs. And then the digital revolution happened and my friend Bill said one day, “why are you letting a decision some suit made about the format of your sensor limit your vision”.   Bill cropped his images to meet his vision.  What a concept!  So, I ask you, are you letting a camera manufacturers choice limit your vision?  Or are you open to cropping? I admit it, I CROP.  Man I feel better!  Sure, I try to compose in camera with the space given me.  I scan my edges and think about balance etc, however, when I’m presented with a situation where things are just not lining up, I immediately switch to crop mode.  By this I mean, I look at the scene and imagine what my crop will be in Photoshop when I get back to process it.

The blog image (above) was made at Ross Castle in Ireland.  Try as I might, I just could not get the edges to line up the way I wanted.  I shot it just a bit wider than I wanted and then cropped it in Photoshop.

While we’re at it, the image below was made at the same location.  Not only did I crop it, I (GASP) used OnOne Software’s Perfect Effects to add a few filters giving is an old time photo look. Heresy!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those who want to shoot  in camera and process it to be exactly as they remember it.  What I have a problem with is, those who tell me my choice if not valid.  Says who?  I say, crop as you wish and process in a way that makes your heart sing!

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