This image was made as we were happily shooting the wonderful sunset at the Lake Hotel.   The clouds were amazing and the reflections stunning.  It was hard to take your eyes off of the constantly changing scene.  That said, I’ve taught myself to always turn around and look at what is happening behind me.  Too many times I’ve missed the best light because I was so mesmerized by what I was shooting.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe we should WORK the scene we are drawn too.  I’m just saying take a minute to turn around and see what is happening there too.  When I turned around the light on this lovely tree was, well, yummy.  I had the wrong lens on and the light was changing quickly so I just shot it wide knowing I could crop the 24 megapixel just fine later.  Two things caught my eye, the light and the beautiful graphic nature of the tree.  Ultimately I’ve chosen the B&W version as I felt it focused the eye on the graphic design.  A color version is included below with a slightly different crop as well.

Moral of the story, turn around, especially for sunrise and sunset shoots.

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