This image was crafted from a single exposure.  There was NO “HDR” work done.  Well, no HDR software such as Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 or Photomatix or any other tone-mapping software was used. So I’m safe calling this NO HDR right?  What is HDR anyway?  I know, high dynamic range, I get that, but what does it mean with regard to how our images look?  My guess, is many will look at this image and say it looks like HDR.  Are you okay if I say, no HDR here?  Or does it even matter?  Is HDR a look?  What the heck is it?

I’m inclined to respond to the HDR question the same way my dear departed friend Nancy would when asked if her image was digital or film, do you like it?   Isn’t that all that matters?  Does the process make any difference?  I’m a fan using all the great tools we have to craft my images. I tend to follow my heart, and ultimately I like it or I don’t.  Sometimes I can’t even remember what I did.  How about you?  I’m interested to know how you feel.

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