Rules are a good thing.  They are especially helpful for new photographers/artists.  They give us a good idea of what works, what does not and why.  Sometimes rules can be broken with good result.  One such rule is that of cutting your frame in half.  Normally this is not a good idea, as it tends to be static.  As a rule it would be better and much stronger divide to your frame in a ratio of one third to two thirds.  This would work top weighted or bottom weighted.  I think todays post,is one that works fine cut in half, however, there is still a small issue that cropping takes care of.   I’m including an alternate crop below in the interest of getting your feedback.  I’d prefer something more than I like the top one best.  Tell me why you are okay or why you prefer one over the other.  This kind of feedback is useful for all who read the blog. Oh, and what is the little nit that I was concerned about and thus cropped?

This image is another from the Cape Cod workshop where we had the dramatic morning with amazing gold light!  Very much of an essence image from this trip.

(EDIT) I’ve updated both images.  I posted images that were too light.  I’ve included Scotts crop in the bottom image eliminating the issue in the top right.  I think the images now feel more like I remember the light being.  It was not bright at all.  The light was soft and very warm.

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