Yesterday, I spoke about moving beyond the handshake shot.  Today, I thought I’d add a few more examples.  Remember yesterday, I suggested you might ask yourself questions like, do I need the whole bench?  Well?  You decide (see examples below)   And then there is the lead image, excluding the bench all together.  Personally, I don’t think any of these alternate images are terrible.  They each have interest and are what you might call tidy compositions.  Part of the benefit of taking some time, slowing down and asking questions, is that you are discovering what it is YOU like about the scene you’ve chosen to photograph.  By moving around, changing your perspective, changing your lens, waiting for different light, etc, etc, you are “seeing” your subject in new ways.  By the end of the time spent, you will have moved beyond the handshake to a hug!

 And here is another take on including both of the benches…


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