I have finally downloaded my images from my recent trip to Cuba.  I decided not to bring a computer on this trip.  As such, it felt like I was shooting film again. In some ways it was nice, as I could focus on shooting.  That said, as I was co-leading a tour with Tony Sweet, I was not able to truly get into a focused place to do my best work.  None the less, I think I made some worthwhile images.

This image caught my eye, however, I felt the car was not in the right place. I figured the folks in the house would not appreciate it if I knocked on their door early in the morning. I loved the green color of the home behind the car and wanted the image to be just about the color green.  After consideration I decided that I did not need the entire car.  I’m very pleased with the result and happy to have created an image outside of what I normally shoot.

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