I photographed this car last year.  I loved the Lafayette sign above it.  I’m pretty sure the car has not moved since last year.  It was very dirty and seemed to be in the very spot I found it previously.  I was not going to photograph it again and then, like I spoke about in a previous post, I thought, what can I do differently.  I moved across the street and this time and included the woman.  Last year, when photographing cars, I was all about clean scenes without people.  This is something I’m prone to do.  My comfort zone is clean images without people.  Add to this, my negative self talk which has been, I’m not a “people photographer.”   As such, I’ve never been comfortable photographing people.  I envy those who are.  We had a few on this trip who I’ve learned from.  While this is not really a “people picture” adding the human form is new for me and I’m very happy with it.  I think it adds to the image.  

How about you?  Do you stay in your comfort zone?  Is it hard to try new things?  What did you do to beat that demon?

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