One thing I remember Chuck saying as we drove around together was something like, “you have to believe there is an image everywhere”.   He went on to say that he thinks with rare exception this is true.  Will it be a gallery shot?  Not always but you can find something if you believe.   Of course in my Dream – Believe – Create program, I speak of believing in yourself but Chuck is speaking about something else.  He is speaking about believing that there is indeed an image almost everywhere to be found.  You just have to believe there is.  I think he is right on.  So often we look at a place and if beauty is not staring us in the face we tend to walk away.  Anyone can stand at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley and see the obvious shot of Manly Beacon, however put them in the salt flats or Dunes and it might not be so easy.  Chuck told one highly skilled participant to slow down and stop chasing images.  He suggested that he be still and let the images come to him.  Without a camera, evaluate the scene, read the light, look for elements that will work together, consider what your post processing options might be.  Sound familiar?  I’ve spoken about this before here on the blog as well as in my lectures.  Easier said than done.  I still find myself doubting and forcing, so it was nice to hear Chuck’s gentle reminder.  Now, go believe you can find an image in your backyard and make it.  Then send me an email with the image!  I’d love to see what you come up with.

Today’s image is again from the Dunes.  A very different image from the previous one in that is is not as contrasty and more subtle.  It has become one of my favorites from the trip.

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