While leading tours, inevitably someone needs a potty when we are in the middle of nowhere!   Well, while out at the Eureka Mines area in Death Valley, wouldn’t you know we find an outhouse!  Unfortunately it was not usable as it had been left behind (no pun intended) for a long time.  That and Chuck Kimmerle being the spoil sport that he is, immediately told the gang that we could NOT USE IT!.   

Regarding the image.  This is an image I would never had considered until I met Chuck.  This is very much inspired by his work and style of processing.  Since spending a week with Chuck, I feel my vision for and the processing of my B&W images has improved dramatically.  Till this time, I would not have seen the possibilities in this type of scene nor would I understand how to process it.  Another visual memory for my memory bank.

Regarding yesterdays excellent guest post from Arthur Ransome, I forgot to add a link to his wonderful website.  I have gone back to do that but wanted to encourage you to so again here.  Clicking on the highlighted link will get you to his site.  Thanks again Arthur!!

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