In the film days there was a rule that you had to show exactly what you shot.  In the digital age, things have changed a bit.  THANK GOODNESS!   Don’t get me wrong, I still think its a good idea to be careful about your composition in camera.  Its also a good idea to make the proper exposure and even use filters where you can.  Getting it right in camera is still a good concept!  That said, I have been liberated by the digital world.  While in the field, I find myself thinking about cropping the frame in post processing.  Lets face it, sometimes the 2×3 format gets in the way.  Oh and by the way, isn’t the format of the camera a crop?  Moving on….   This is when I consciously decide to include more on one side and commit to cropping out the unwanted when I process.  Or sometimes I include more knowing I’ll need to fix a perspective issue.  Or, sometimes I am frustrated that I don’t have enough reach with my longest lens and remember I have 24 megapixels in my D3x and I’ll be able to crop to the image I’m seeing.   

With this image, I saw a square.  Below is the full frame and an alternate crop.  Always interested in your thoughts on which composition you prefer.  

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