In looking back at my last ten blog posts, I realized I’ve been in B&W mode!  I figured it was time for a color image.  This one is from the abandoned Eureka Mine area.  On our scouting day we had a cloud that was cooperating and the sun even reflected a hint of color as it disappeared over the horizon.  I scurried up the hill to the car, moved to a position where I could best use the cloud, and make just a few captures as the light faded.  

A teaching moment if I can. I’ve included an alternate version of the posted image below.  In it you will see the sky had more color which I preferred.  The issue I had was, in my haste after  running up the hill to catch the color, I was not paying attention to where the car was in the frame.  Below, you’ll note is was merging with the sky just a bit.  I quickly changed my position to fix the issue but lost some of the color.  Its a small nit picky thing, however, I was reminded by Tony Sweet this weekend (we presented together for a group along with Denise Ippolito) how important being nit picky is.  A friend I was sitting with said, “thats what separates Tony from the rest and makes him so good.” I agreed.

Be sure to check back as my next post will be by guest blogger and Master Black & White photographer Chuck Kimmerle!  Shout it from the roof tops, tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell your mom, dad and siblings too…   Everyone will want to read his great post.

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