This will be Dan and my sixth time leading a tour in the Palouse.  It will be Dan’s 9th time there.  We know the Palouse and love it there.  Arguable it is one of our favorite places to photograph.  Pastoral landscape, gently rolling hills, old barns, old cars and trucks, grain silo’s and fields of waving grain with patterns carved in the landscape by artistic farmers.  It is our  Tuscan landscape and it is beautiful.  We thought this might be our last year there for awhile, however, we already have 7 anxious to join us next year.  So indeed we will be back the first week of June again next year. If the Palouse is on your bucket list, you might want to contact us now as I’m sure we’ll be sold out shortly and we’ve not even announced it yet.

Here are a few favorites from last year.

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