It is quite an experience to see the sun set and then come up again a few hours later in almost the same location!  With that, if you are treated to sunset/sunrise color, it will go on and on and on.    This particular image was captured at the end of our time at a specific location where our attention was directed elsewhere.  I had just had a conversation with a participant about finding and shooting softer scenes.   I mentioned Eddie Soloway, who’s work I admire.  Eddie has a softness to much of his work that is wonderful.  As I looked to the sky behind me I recognized what I now call a “Soloway” type situation.  I corralled two others who were heading back down the hill and encouraged them to come back up and get this.  This is a favorite from the trip for a number of reasons.  It will remind me of this wonderful night of endless and glorious light.  It confirmed that I can recognize a soft “Soloway” type scene.  It is a reminder that not all scenes need to be bold and dramatic.  Sometimes soft and gentle is good.

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