0728_Sleepy Hollow_1661


My friend Stephanie posted a picture of this lighthouse that knocked my socks off.  She shot it at twilight with a great sky, it is amazing.   I asked her where it was and she was kind enough to share.  Of course the day I went, it was overcast.  No problem, I have tools in Photoshop I can use.   I went to my trusty Totally Rad –  Dirty Pictures plug-in that works so well for texture work.  I used a favorite texture that I’ve used for another lighthouse shot and created this!   I pass by this location often so you can be sure I’ll keep a camera in the car hoping for better conditions.

If you are interested in texture work, Dirty Pictures is a great tool that makes it easy.  I have a video (or two) on my tutorials page that will help you understand how it works.  Remember to check out my discounts page before you buy, there is a discount code there!

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