20131003_New Hampshire_0207

Sunny days typically present an issue for a photography tour.  Not so with colorful fall foliage, you simply need to find a river or stream in the shade with the foliage in bright sun on the opposite side.  Trust me, once you do, you will become an addict.  We had a fair amount of sun for our tour this past week, so we had quite a few opportunities to shoot reflections. I didn’t hear much complaining.  

I’m sure I’ll be asked about settings.  You’ll need a long lens, typically the longest you have.  Then, its a game of finding the right shutter speed. This will depend on the speed of the water and DOF you desire.  For this image I was at f/16 and 1/10 of a second. I can’t stress enough, the speed of the water will greatly affect the look so bracket your shutter speed.

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