If you missed my last post, my wife and I just got back from a wonderful vacation to Disney.  This image was captured hand-held at ISO 3200.  The ever changing color and lights on the castle are really quite beautiful.  A “straight” image didn’t do it for me, so I decided to play with Totally Rad Dirty Pictures and FlyPaper Textures.  If you are interested in how Dirty Pictures works, take a look at my video tutorial here.  You might also look at this tutorial as it adds more helpful information.  Clicking on the highlighted links will take you to the webpages for Totally Rad and Flypaper.  Discounts are available if you wish to purchase either.  Just go to my discounts page and use the associated code.

Here is the eveloution of this creation.  Below is the original capture.


Next I converted the image to B&W


Then I inverted the B&W image to create this.


Then I used Totally Rad Dirty Pictures with a FlyPaper Texture to create this.


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