On our first day we stumbled upon this wonderful car on a great street in old Havana. The recent rain added just the right touch.

For processing, I used Alien Skin Exposure 5 and in this case was done!  I think the film look for images from Cuba is perfect and Exposure 5 rocks for ease of use.  And, you can customize the look right in their awesome interface too.  I have a video tutorial for Exposure 5 here.

A thought with regard to the process of image capture. When you stumble upon a scene as good as this or one the resonates with you for whatever reason, WORK THE SCENE!!  Do not just take one picture and walk away.  Below you’ll find two more takes. Two more right answers but ultimately I liked the lead image best. I took one at a different angle and the other without the wall on the right.  Notice the different color in the last one. Different film choice in Exposure 5.



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