Lazaro, the owner of this wonderful car is as tall or maybe even taller than me.  A very nice young man who first found a few of us in his garage photographing the car and came down to chat with us. I was worried he might be annoyed as we were a step or two inside of his garage.  Quite the opposite, he was thrilled to show off his car with its original engine. He then invited us back anytime and even asked if we wanted him to take the car out and park it on a specific street! The point of all of this is, if you are polite and engage, the Cuban people are wonderful and beyond accommodating.

My only regret is not taking a picture of Lazaro with his car. I’m just not tuned into those type of images like Mark Stevens is. Mark was one of our repeat participants and is doing a GREAT job on his blog. Be sure to take a look at his great work and read his wonderful stories.  

The lead image was shot as a square, in camera.  This is a great feature of the Fuji cameras. You can choose different formats and even shoot B&W at the same time if you want.  As long as you choose to shoot RAW and JPEG, it preserves the native format (2×3) along with the color data in the RAW file while creating a jpeg in the format you choose. This is especially useful for pre-visualizing your images in a different format or B&W or both, while still keeping all the data if you need it in the RAW file should you want to go back to color or the native 2×3 format.

I’m including a new shot below that is pretty close to the original from two years ago that I still love. Both images made with the Fuji X-Pro1 with the Fuji 14mm prime at f/11, ISO 400.


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