Another example of patience.  I spent a fair amount of time getting to know this girl, her younger sister and Mom.  They were so polite, never asking for anything but very interested in what two americans were doing on their street.  After struggling with my sparse Spanish and lots of giggles, I decided to share some things I had. They were very grateful.  I then decided to photograph the wonderful wall next to their home when this young lady decided to play.  I had a tripod on this morning as we were out in early light.  I kept my finger on the shutter and fired of a series of images. Of course I was doing a happy dance with her and each of us laughing. She laughed even more when I showed her the images on the back of my camera.  I can’t wait to search her family out next year and bring them some pictures of this fun moment.  Below are a few more of the series.




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