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I mentioned Trona in my last post.  This image is from what is called the Trona Pinnacles.  There you will find Tufas much like those at Mono Lake but without the lake.  For this image I used two Singh-Ray filters, the 10 stop Mor-Slo along with my LB warming polarizer.  Using a polarizer with a Mor-Slo can be a challenge as you can’t see what is going on.  To get this to work, I simply held the polarizer in front of me and rotated it as I looked through it until I saw the desired effect.  I made note of where that was by a reference on the ring of the filter.  I then screwed the filter on and rotated it to the pre-determined reference mark.  Using the polarizer achieved two things, one it polarized the sky and two because its a LB (Lighter Brighter) polarizer, it gave me another stop plus for a much longer mid day exposure.  

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