This past weekend was the Eastern State Penitentiary and Fonthill workshop.  The group was very talented and lots of fun, I was sad to see them go.  The images they showed at the beginning of the workshop were incredible!  

As is my style, I don’t shoot much during a workshop, however, I did manage to snap a few as I was anxious to try my new 10-24mm lens.  For my Fuji friends, you might be interested to look at the notes on the images.   The new 10-24mm lens is quite good.  And of course the 35mm 1.4 continues to SLAY me.

For the processing on Kara the operating room and the door, I used the amazing Alien Skin Exposure 5.  If you have not spent time with this great plug-in, you really need to.  Their film presets are so good AND from there you can modify with lots of control with the slider.  And I mean LOTS of control.  


Fuji X-E2 – 10-24mm at 10mm at f/10


Kara – Fuji X-T1 – 35mm at f/4


Fuji x-E2 – 10-24mm at 10mm at f/16


Fuji X-E2 – 10-24mm at 12.5mm f/13


Fuji X-E2 – 10-24mm at 15mm at f/10

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