For the first time in my life, I made a mistake in my travel plans. I thought I had picked a flight which would get me home at 6:30PM, however, I picked one getting me home at 6:30AM the next day. Yup, a RED-EYE!  You can imagine my dismay! All was not lost though. Ed, a new friend I met on the last Cuba tour, lives on the outskirts of Seattle. I remembered his invite should I ever be in the area and made a call. He and his lovely wife Kathey were kind enough to take me in for the afternoon. I asked Ed if he might take me to the EMP building that I so enjoy photographing,he obliged. Thank you Ed!



This image is from my favorite side of the building and a new and different composition from the images I posted last year at this time.  Below is me totally oblivious and having a blast shooting the Fuji X-T1. An image Ed made and sent along. 


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