When the light is right, I find my images require little to no post processing. This image was taken about 15 minutes before the sun set over my shoulder. The light was soft, gold and simply amazing.  All I did was use my Singh-Ray warming polarizer and then post processing was minimal. In fact if I wanted to, I could have used the jpeg straight out of camera that the Fuji produced. 

Speaking of Singh-Ray, Bob (Singh) has launched a terrific new website today. I am honored to be part of this new site with a featured “pro” gallery. For a limited time you can save 10% on any filter you purchase. Or save 15% on suggested packages from leading pro’s like Tony Sweet, Nevada Weir, Cole Thompson and Brenda Tharp. The website address is the same as it has always been,  www.singh-ray.com.  I think you’ll find the site much easer to navigate and full of useful information about how, why and when to use filters. I only use Singh-Ray filters, why would I buy great glass and compromise it with anything but the best?

I still have the Canon 180mm Macro lens for sale.  $900 free shipping.

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