One of the blessings of being a photographer, is the opportunity to see and experience places I might not have otherwise experienced. Mo’omomi on the island of Molokai is one of those rare and special places. It is not easily accessible, as such not many have been able to photograph from this perspective. Mo’omomi is a place where I would have been content to just “be” and not even make a photograph. It was a spiritual place. The waves this day were enormous as evidenced by what appears to be a crooked horizon. I assure you the horizon is not crooked. What you are seeing is the swell of the large waves! This image was made well before the sun rose that morning. The sky was pink and the image appeared quite blue on my cameras LCD. I liked what I saw and have chosen to keep it so.

I look forward to returning to Mo’omomi in October. Jonathan and I will be doing this workshop annually. Normally our week will be the first week of December, however, in 2015 Jonathan was asked by National Geographic to work a tour in the Galapagos so we have moved the dates to October 24-31. Many who came this year have already signed up again as have some from this years wait list. At this time we only have 3 spots left. If you’d like to join us for this wonderful experience, take a look at Jonathan’s excellent web page that outlines exactly what to expect

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