Yesterday, we received about 10 inches of snow. After shoveling a path for the dog, I announced to my wife that I wanted to go make some images. She thought I was going to walk into the woods behind our house. Umm… no, I had other plans. So against her better judgement, I got in my car and headed to a couple of favorite places. It was wonderful!  I love the silence when its snowing.  I love the simplicity it brings. I loved being out, alone, drinking in the beauty of what mother nature had just given me. It was great fun. I feel renewed!  Here are a few from the shoot. Oh, at the mill, yup, there was another photographer. We laughed, and then I went to 5 guys for lunch. I was the only one there, their first customer…. thats how bad the roads were. Sorry hun, but it was fun!

Am I ready for spring? You bet, but I’m not going to pass up the gift that was given yesterday just because I was bummed we were getting snow!










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