I have hosted a few camera clubs at Fonthill this spring. On one visit, I brought my camera and a new attitude. Inspired by my friend Dan Sniffin, I decided to leave my gear downstairs and be open to something that might catch my eye as I wandered the Castle. In other words, I was not looking for something to photograph, rather I was going with an open mind and no expectations. I wanted to allow something to call me to be photographed rather than force it to happen. I was called by these four situations and feel I was successful with each. A pretty good hit ratio, four scenes four “keepers.”

About the images. I’ve photographed the vessels with my iPhone, but never with a “real” camera. A triptych seemed like the right creative choice. I’ve photographed the room with the wonderful chair, but never this way. The chair is my favorite in the castle, so I focused the attention on it opting for a medium telephoto lens versus my normal wide angle choice. The items on the desk were newly added, they called to me, I responded. Finally, the shadows on the stairs is something I’ve walked past many times. This time the scene turned my head, I responded and got my camera. 





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