Sheep are everywhere in New Zealand. There were a few on the bus that would yell, SHEEP every time we saw some. Josh Cripps, our guide and generally great person, is a pure landscape guy and did not understand how important it was to stop at some point to photograph the sheep. Well at least not until there was a mutiny, verbal threats and lots of screaming from a few unnamed (Lola, Terry) participants on the bus! All in good fun of course. This stop seemed like the perfect place with the distant hill in the background still in shadow, the light behind the trees creating beautiful backlight and SHEEP!

I’m selling my Nikon AF-S 70-200 2.8 VR. This is VERSION 1 of this lens which means on a full frame sensor you will see some vignetting in the corners. On a cropped sensor which it was designed for, it works perfectly! It has be used but is in great shape. A steal for $800.00 plus shipping. Box, hood, and carry bag it came with included.

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