I scan the Fuji rumors site from time to time and this is what I see. If only Fuji would come out with a 24 megapixel camera. If only the rumored Fuji X-Pro2 had an articulating LCD screen. If only Fuji would come out with a medium format sensor and camera! If only Fuji would release that rumored 100-400mm lens… ย If only, (fill in the blank) then I could really take my photography to the next level. WHAT?!?! ย My questions to them would be. What do you need 24mp for? What will you do with it? Are you not happy with the image quality of the X-T1 (insert your current camera here)? Can you not print big enough? And most importantly, are you happy with your photography? ย If not, surely 24mp, a tilting screen or new lens, are not going to make you a better photographer. Maybe you’re chasing or concerned about the wrong thing? How about spending more time on your craft with the camera you own?

The blog images today are from Cape Cod.


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