Time for another in the “through their eyes” series. This post features images from the participants on my recent workshop to Glacier National Park.  Remember to click on the links to see more of any one particular participant work.


Sai  – “I like this photo because of the different shades of the mountains which creates a sense of depth and distance.  The smoke from forest fires certainly help to create this image.”

Roxanne –  “Here’s what I have to say about Glacier: it is overwhelming. In the best sense. Unlike the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s everyday responsibilities, the vastness and immensity of nature humbles us, centers us and brings us home to who we are. For me, this photo epitomizes this sentiment.”

Bob – “The photo I’ve attached is from Sun Point, taken Friday afternoon, technically after the workshop ended. It was ferociously windy on the point that afternoon. Here’s why it’s my choice: The ridge in the background, the texture of the rock in the foreground, the gesture of the trees, the haze from the fires all convey something of the scale and character of the park. Massive mountains were shaped by even larger forces through history, and even today, wind, water and fire were still at work in the park during our visit.”

Ray – “I made this image amidst dramatic weather on our first morning at Glacier NP. Using a long lens, I isolated just the peak and cloud to share the power and the magic of the place.”

Steve –  I actually photographed this area about a year ago, but, wasn’t entirely happy with the result. This time, it looks more like what I wanted. I like the bidirectional ambiguity with the visual direction going up (like flames) but the water flowing down (like water). Of course the image was thoroughly Kimmerlized, using things taught at the workshop.

Penny – I love the constant change and interplay of clouds and light……..

Terry – “Sculptured shapes, intriguing lines, and a considerable contrast in texture all in one image.  What’s not to like?  I traveled and shot in the Canadian Rockies several years ago, but it felt like I brought a different set of eyes to Glacier, and I’m pleased with the result.”

Jan – I was drawn to this cliffside tree that was surrounded by so many dead trees.

James – The image was taken at Avalanche Creek on the trail.  I like the color tones, balance and feel of the image.  If you look at the rocks in the center of the image and use your imagination the rock on the left looks like a woman’s face with the grasses and bushes framing her face as she looks slightly downward as if she is talking to a child, whose face appears on the rock across the water.  (I know it sounds goofy but that is what I see when I view the image.)  The rushing water between the rocks separates both sides and draws your eye into the center of the image.

Ginny – This image is from Sun Point on our last day in Glacier.  I love it because of its shape and the fact that the weathered branches stand out next to the dark backgrounds of the lake and the foreground.  It speaks to me of both tenacity and beautiful aging.

Judy –  It’s a multiple exposure of the burnt-out dead trees, the evergreens and the rocky cliffs…  I can smell the smoke.

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