Today I present another installment of “Through Their Eyes.”  This time the images are from the participants on my Oregon Coast Tour.


Terry –  A rigid and angular railing dreams of dancing the jitterbug.

Karl – Since the Oregon Coast workshop was focused on Black and White, long exposure photography, I assume that most of the workshop participants would pick B&W images.  So I thought I would be a little different.  The sunset of the eventing prior to the workshop was absolutely stunning!  This image just came to me after the sun went down below the horizon.  What a gift!  I was able to create some great B&W, long exposure images on subsequent visits during the workshop.  Thank you John and Cole!

Mark – “The Old Man and the Seals”:

I didn’t see this when I passed by the tree the first time.  I really didn’t see it as I was returning, either.  This is one of those Gifts from the Deity that rules Black and White photography.  (Who is that?)  I owe “Herm” a thank you note.  On the second pass I was, maybe, 10 feet beyond the tree.  And then, for no good reason, I turned around.  My first thought was, “How could I not have seen that?”  I would argue the tree found me.  There are seals sunbathing on the island below.  Thus the title. 24mm, f/5.6, 87 seconds.

Linda – Sea Stack…A pillar-like mass of rock detached by wave action from a cliff – lined shore and surrounded by water. These shores in Oregon were mesmerizing.  So unique and fabulously beautiful.  Rough and sensual at the same time. So inspiring!!

                   “I have to get inspired by something that touches my soul, or rocks my soul…Steven Tyler
Carla – “There were so many beautiful images but I chose this one because I loved the monoliths! This was taken on one of our sunset shoots and it was quite a memorable experience for me. On this trip I focused on black and white, but this one screams for the color of that glorious sunset!”
Jamie – I learned to look at the world in a different way on our Oregon Coast workshop, in black and white.  And I learned to slow down time with long exposures.   Both goals of my trip.  This image is one of my favorite captures using both black and white and a two-minute exposure.  For me, it captures the majesty and magic of the Oregon Coast.
Roxanne – What I found fascinating about the Oregon Coast was the vast and varied array of topographical and geological features. This photo, Stone Seals, for me, captured the mythical spirit and scale of Oregon’s stone fossils. 

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