In January we took another group to the incredible Hideout Ranch in Wyoming.  Below are their images.  If these images inspire you, we are going back next January and have a few spaces available.  Take a look at this special page.

Kris – A ‘Dance’ with the horses… has long been a dream of mine. Seeing these beautiful creatures romping and running in the snowy Wyoming landscape under the watchful, caring eyes of The Hideout wranglers was a magical experience that ‘made my heart sing’. The memory of the horses, the joy and enthusiasm of the the wranglers, the friendliness of the staff, the smiles and laughter of the photographers who share in the dance will be remembered each time I gaze on this image. Thanks for orchestrating the ‘Dance’ John!

Henry – I selected  Mel on a great stallion ready to do The Airs Above The Ground and Tom and Laurel in a dead heat with Tom’s horse heading to the right. We got lots of fine photos and had a great time at the Hideout Ranch. An excellent photo Workshop.  Thank You Henry

John – BEST OF OVER 6,000? A piece of cake. While shooting another scene, my eye continued to drift to the right, and found what I was hoping for.

Victoria – As difficult as it was to choose a favorite image, I chose this particular one because it represents everything about the Hideout Ranch experience to me which included beautiful Wyoming scenery comprised of snowy mountains, yellow winter grasses, bare hillsides and red rock in the nearby bluffs. The riders coming into the scene out of the gully add to the image and are a perfect example of how well the wranglers took direction and how hard they and their horses worked to give us ample photo opportunities.


Kris  – “These images remind me how wonderful, carefree and beautiful this life can be.”

Janice – Horses, wide open spaces, an authentic cattleman, impressive beauty;  that’s The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch!

Roni – I loved the workshop at the Hideout. It was such an amazing place to photograph. I chose this image, as it is one of my favorites. I processed it with a filter to bring out the reds, in a black and white image.

Cathy – The excitement I felt at the hideout, making images of the Horses, is one I will never forget. The child inside me was dancing with excitement! I believe the horses in this picture shared my feelings!

Wendy Hannum – Of all of the horses this was my favorite in color and disposition.  There are many excellent images of the beautiful horses from that workshop, but I thought this one portrayed “upclose” personality.

Paul F. – The contrasts in this image struck my vision. The white horse is coming right at the camera while all the others are going left to right. Most of the horses are brown and this emphasizes the contrast with the white horse. Narrow DOF also isolates the horses from the background.

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